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About Us

Management and Boards

about us

who we are

Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Eastwood


Management Team

Max Allatt – Technical Manager

Shaun Gorringe – Front of House Manager

Andrew Howard – Marketing Manager

Colin Johnston – Venue Development Manager

Robert Kearton – Contracts & Administration Manager

Mark Preston – Finance and Business Manager

Celine Wyatt – Creative Learning Manager



Amy Warner – Assistant Marketing Manager
Natalie Townsend – Digital Marketing Officer
Jessica Christian – Marketing Administrator



Rose Rankin – Finance Officer


Box Office

Lucy Worthington- Sales Manager

Amy Brailsford – Supervisor

Chris Greenwood

Nick Richards

Sam Black

Shannon Meldrum

Olivia Taylor

Courtney Wildon

Matt Smith


Front of House

Neil Armstrong – Duty Manager (Bars)

Jenny Simpson – Duty Manager

Nicola Allatt

Robert Bagshaw

Mia Davidson

Sasha Ehlke-West

Saffron Pye

Tony Sanderson

Matthew Shires

Marisa Tancredi

Marcus Taylor

Abigail Warne

James Withers

Steven Turner – Operations Assistant


Youth Arts

Phill Fairhurst – Creative Learning Co-ordinator




James Slater – Technical Stage Manager
John Hopwood – Chief Electrician
Mark Harrison – Technician (Lighting and Sound)




Tony Silva – Housekeeping Team Leader

Michael Collins

Vicki Roberts

Michael Collinge

P J Hart


Blackpool Grand Theatre (Arts and Entertainments) Ltd Board

Anthony Stone LALAM (Chair)

Tony Depledge OBE (Deputy Chair)

Lindsay Campbell

Stephen Crocker

Michael Dickson (Treasurer)

Glenn Mascord

David Parry

Susan Walker

Karen Ross

Philip Welsh

Edward Linton


Blackpool Grand Theatre Trust Board


Roger Lloyd Jones IPFA CFIIA (Chair)

Richard Baguley

Robin Duke

John Grady

Zoe Hammond LLB Hons (Deputy Chair)

Matthew Hill RIBA

Gwen Law

Michelle Wiseman

Amelia Hindle

Mark Price



Amanda Thompson OBE


Vice Presidents

Barry Fothergill (Arts & Entertainment, Trust)
Cllr David Owen (Arts & Entertainment, Trust)
Geoff Tolson (Arts & Entertainment, Trust)
Neil Thomson (Trust)


Blackpool Grand Theatre Catering Company Board

Anthony Stone LALAM (Chair)
Tony Depledge OBE

Honorary Archivists

Geoff Tolson
Linda Tolson MBE


Friends of The Grand Committee

John Grady – Chairman and Treasurer

Ann Royle – Secretary

Ken Bowe

Edward Linton

Dorothy Malone

Geraldine Porter

Marjorie D Taylor

Christine Watkins

Irene Watson

Seamus Graeme


The Grand has been managed and programmed by a succession of theatre managers: Brendan Sweeney (1981), John Shedwick (1982-1988), Paul Iles (1988-1992; 2005-2007), Will Quekett (1993-1994), Danny Moar (1995-1996), Stephanie Sirr (1997-2001), Peter Cutchie (2002-2005), Paul Iles (2005-2007), Neil Thomson (2007-2013) and Ruth Eastwood (2013-)

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