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Breakin’ Convention: Meet The Local Crew!

The one-day festival of Hip-Hop dance theatre will feature a jaw-dropping display of local, national and international crews, and we thought we’d introduce you to the four local acts who will be gracing our stage.

Freefly Crew

Freefly crew were formed in 2006 and are the first Blackpool-based B-Boy group. Freefly specialise in Break-dancing, B-Boying and Beat-Boxing. The team perform and compete regularly and are constantly being refreshed with new up-and-coming members. Freefly Crew are urban entertainers who specialise in trick flips and powermoves, and they perform all over the UK for any occasion.

Fy Westcoast

Fy Westcoast are dedicated to getting young people in Blackpool inspired by and involved in urban culture. Formed in 2006 by Sam Bell and Mel Ramsey, Fy Westcoast use a range of urban pursuits to encourage young people across the Fylde to get involved, including dance, graffiti art, MCing and DJing.  The crew caters for a variety of age ranges, with their young crew performing from seven years and up, with all students at Fy Westcoast taking their craft very seriously, with a vision to breaking through into the urban entertainment industry in future! The dedicated crew practice together four times a week and take part in shows, competitions and battles across the country.

Scream Theatre School

Scream Theatre School are based in Blackpool and were formed in 1998 and are a triple threat academy which includes dance, drama and singing. Although Scream are based in Blackpool, the theatre school also has branches in Manchester and Chorley, with children working professionally around the UK in the West End and on TV!  The separate dance crew was established on its own in 2013 with work focused around competitions and shows. As a choreographer, Harry Greenwood has been working for 6 months and choreographed short sections in local shows, with Breakin’ Convention being his first serious work as a choreographer.

Urban Dance Project

 Urban Dance Project are a Blackpool-based community interest group with three main aims. These are to Engage the local community through the arts and dance; inspire the community to get active; and to create new projects together with the community. Urban Dance Project are keen to develop, provide and promote dance and art programmes with creativity and imagination across the Fylde Coast, encouraging social interaction and a real sense of community spirit! The arts-award accredited project delivers outside workshops, training and work experience, developing life skills with partners in schools and communities across the public and third sector.

All four of these local groups will be performing on the day at Breakin’ Convention on Tuesday 3 June, alongside nationally and internationally acclaimed acts: Ill-AbilitiesUkweli RoachWanted Posse and all hosted by Jonzi D and Jay Madden. Plus, don’t miss the exclusive after-show party at Underbar (Bank Hey St)!

For more information and tickets, visit our Breakin’ Convention show page.