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BRIT Awards 2018 Party Ideas – On A Budget

At The Grand Theatre Blackpool, we know how to entertain and have fun, so we want you to do the same using our tips on how to throw the ultimate BRIT awards party! Choosing a theme, planning the ultimate party playlist or simply gathering friends together, putting your pj’s on and watching the BRIT Awards with your very own themed goodie bag, we have you covered.

1. Party Invitees – Whether you choose to invite the party animals or the couch potatoes, planning your invite list is the top priority. Producing invites and guest list (written invites purchased from your local supermarket or a budget friendly Facebook group creation, either way, save the date!).

2. Dress Code – Is there a dress code? Also, don’t forget, awarding the best dressed is always a good motivation for people to go over the top and have fun. Examples: everyone dressing as their favourite music artist; from past to present day (this makes the choices a little easier) or everyone dressing in the union jack colours.

3. Choosing a Playlist – From dancing to Dua Lipa ‘New Rules’ to singing your heart out on karaoke to Ed Sheeran, we all have an inner pop star so having the ideal playlist for your party will set the mood and it will give everyone a chance to show off their best moves; have a look at our playlist here.

4. Allocating Awards – a BRIT Awards party would not be complete without awards! So why don’t you create your own… Best dressed (even if you do opt for pj’s!), best party animal, best-dressed couple, best dancer… Trophies can also be included in true BRIT award style; budget ideas include – filling a plastic champagne flute full of sweets, handing out CD’s from artists in the charts (or collecting vintage ones from charity shops) or simply handing out sweetie necklaces.

This year’s ceremony promises to be unmissable so treat your guests by creating your own goodie bags. Whether you’re dressed up, or comfy on the sofa, goodie bags are always a good go-to and provide the essentials for the ultimate night in.

Here is a sneak peek into some items which will feature in this year’s BRIT Awards Goodie Bags 2018:
• A specially designed bottle of Ciroc Vodka
• A club membership to The Curtain
111 Skin Rose Gold masks as used by the Victoria Secrets models
• A pair of Gold Master & Dynamic headphones
• A Tom Ford nail varnish and much more!

Just like the celebs but without the expensive budget, create your own goodie bag using our handy tips:

5 Goodie Bag Essentials

• Cheers! A bottle of sweet bubbly – rather than a specially designed bottle of Ciroc Vodka, a small bottle of Rose will work just the same, purchased from your local supermarket for £1.30 – £2.00.

• Swap 111 Skin Rose Gold face masks for some moisturising and fruity face masks – pamper yourself, sit back and watch the BRIT’S whilst embracing your inner zen but without the expensive price tag.

• We all love listening to our favourite songs and singing our hearts out to our favourite tunes, so having a music themed item in the goodie bag, is essential! Swap the £100+ price tag earphones and make your own using two donuts and a strawberry lace. Ok, so they may not work but they’ll taste good.

• Glitz and glam is a focus at the awards, treat your guests to a mini beauty kit including a nail varnish and a nail file, and don’t forget to look out for ½ price offers. A true bargain!

• Don’t forget! Including a food and drinks membership card in the goodie bag is always a good excuse to get your friends together again and celebrate another occasion. Revolution Bars offer a discount card that costs only £3.00 and entitles you to receive a whopping 25% off your bill! – find the full terms and conditions here (Revolution card)!

So, put the kids to bed, put the kettle on or crack open a bottle of bubbly and roll out that red blanket and get yourself ready for an evening of true entertainment. With performances from Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Stormzy and Dua Lipa – you best get your dancing shoes on or your favourite fluffy socks!