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Coronavirus and Community: Blackpool Grand and Winter Garden’s Venue Buddy Scheme

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Coronavirus and Community – Creative industries, like many others, are facing a period of uncertainty and unchartered waters at the moment. Blackpool Grand Theatre may have closed its physical doors for now, but the theatre has in no way shut down completely! As we prepare for the future and look ahead, we’ve proudly launched initiatives for the community in these trying times, and have plenty up our sleeves to help keep youngsters entertained in the coming weeks.

Recent events are certainly unprecedented, but the creative world is far from going quiet. 

Coronavirus and Community – We cover the following in this post:

  • Blackpool Grand’s Buddy Scheme
  • Other ways you can show support
  • Looking ahead to the future 

When, as a nation, we see past these unchartered territories, creative industries will come back fighting stronger than ever before. So, without further ado, read on to get inspired and discover how you can support your local creative business, and click here to read our guide on using online creative resources to keep busy while on lockdown!


Blackpool Buddy Scheme

What is the Blackpool Venue Buddy Scheme?

Coronavirus and Community – The Venue Buddy Scheme is an initiative launched in collaboration with the Blackpool Grand Theatre and Winter Gardens in an effort to ‘put people in touch’ with each other. 

With many facing weeks in isolation, as venues, we have asked followers and email subscribers to come together and support and help each other. This is in the form of either food deliveries, checking in or video calling. 

The theatre community is a strong one. It is also a supportive one, and in these times, the sense of community will be stronger than ever before, which is why Blackpool Grand Theatre have launched The Buddy Scheme. If you’d like to get involved, do your bit and put a smile on someone’s face, you can connect to our social media pages for more.


How does it work?

It’s pretty simple – all you need to do is comment on our posts on our social media that you’re up for a conversation, or need help… others can then see, and you can connect with those who need it most just to break up the day. 

Please find the links below:

Connect with us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Link with us on Instagram


Simply visit a venue’s social channels and tell us if you are up for a chat, then others can see and can make contact.


Other ways you can show support

For the creative industries, a nationwide lockdown is far from ideal. Many creative industries rely on support from ticketholders and attendees and the rapidly evolving events of the last few weeks have, unfortunately but unsurprisingly, thrown creative industries into a period of great uncertainty. But never fear- there are some great ways to carry on your support- below are a few key ways to do so!


Buy Vouchers for a later date

The best of both worlds! By purchasing a voucher, you can give a future gift, or treat yourself to a moment of escapism when all this passes. You’ll also be supporting your local theatre, music venue or small business in a time when they need it most! 

To support The Blackpool Grand, you can purchase theatre vouchers here or make a donation today. We are very grateful for your support!


Avoid Refunds

A simple way you can show your solidarity and support for not only Blackpool Grand but other creative companies and businesses, is by avoiding requesting a refund. Many businesses will spring back from this, whenever that may be, and will be in need of support to kick things off again. Shows will be back in businesses, concerts will reschedule, and live events will return with force. To get to this point, any small favour will do. So by avoiding asking for a refund, and simply holding your ticket for a later date, you’ll be supporting the theatre, music venue, or club hugely. A little will go a very long way!



Another way you can easily support and bolster creative businesses, big and small, is by donating to their fund should they have one set up. This refers to small venues who rely on events taking place to see them through – they will hugely benefit from and appreciate any form of financial support! Check out their main websites to discover ways to donate – a random act of kindness like this makes all the difference! 


Leave reviews for us

Leaving reviews in any form – Google Reviews, via social media pages, or via Tripadvisor – can be a great way to support a local business. This will help boost their online visibility, and encourage more visits in the future. Reviews only take a moment, but make all the difference in the world.


Buy other merchandise

For many self- employed musicians, performers, or artists, the current circumstance will likely hit harder. However, the music, art community and theatre community can be supported in other ways- for example, by purchasing their merchandise. Supporting them in this way will make all the difference in a time where shows and tours will be on pause. Buy Backpool Grand merchandise now.


Please note delieveries will only be possible ‘once we return to the venue’.


Coronavirus and Community – looking ahead to the future

As we enter what can only be described as a grey area, many people are asking the question: when will this be over? And when the dust settles, what does the future hold? Regardless of when,  life will slowly but surely rebuild back to normal. 

Here at Blackpool Grand, we’re putting our efforts into our Autumn/Spring 20/21 season, and are fully expecting a resurgence in efforts to support the theatre community as cast and crews return, and the curtain goes up again. Blackpool Grand are fully expecting a quiet few months in what are unprecedented times for everybody. 

However, it’s full steam ahead with plans for the future – the demand for creative outlets, events and entertainment & expression will come back with such a force. Like many other businesses in the arts community, we will be braced for this, and will be ready to welcome back our loyal supporters and theatre goers with open arms! 

For more information and updates, head to our website, or link up with us on Social Media! Find our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


So much going on during the Coronavirus Creative Boom and Coronavirus and Community – Keep Entertained in Lockdown on twitter;

#CultureInQuarantine #CultureBlackpool


How to keep entertained in lockdown – Follow us online At Home With You programme –




Blackpool Grand

Take a look at what’s on at Blackpool Grand Theatre this Autumn / Winter 20/21


Blackpool Grand set out a COVID-Community Communication Programme (CCCP) during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our aims were simple, to CONNECT, COMFORT and UPLIFT. We would Connect people by offering tutorials on communication tools like Zoom and conduct community face-to-face meetings (book readings, youth groups and more). Comfort through stories of heritage, memories and storytelling, and to Uplift visitors spirits through laughter and exercise. Please do enjoy and if you can afford to donate please do.


The information in this story is accurate as of the publication date. While we are attempting to keep our content as up-to-date as possible, the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop rapidly, so it’s possible that some information and recommendations may have changed since publishing. For any concerns and latest advice around COVID-19, visit the World Health Organisation. If you’re in the UK, the National Health Service can also provide useful information and support, while US users can contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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