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What is a Blackpool Arts Award did we here you say?

A Blackpool Arts Award helps an individual grow their talents, explore the arts, be a creative leader and at the same time get a qualification.

Anyone can do an Arts Award in any area of the arts from dancing to rapping, poetry, fashion, sculpture or film.

You can be anything you want to be, the creator or performer (of your own work), or develop your skills in essential roles like marketing (print, design, digital) or stage management.

And you can work towards Arts Award at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre. Maybe your school, collage or organisation is already running an Arts Award? Why not get involved?

You create a portfolio or arts log that shows off your creativity and gives you a recognised national qualification or award to put on your CV. What’s it worth?

Award DiscoverExplore and Bronze you’ll…

  • engage in different arts activities
  • discover artists and arts organisations
  • explore arts events
  • share your arts talents and skills with others
  • create a portfolio or log in your own choice of format

And for Silver and Gold you’ll also get to…

  • set yourself arts challenges
  • arrange your own projects
  • discover arts careers, what they mean, and more about the arts sector

Blackpool Arts Award Ready?

The contact Blackpool’s Grand Theatre a designated Arts Award Centre. Contact us for more information or call 01253 290111 and ask for our Creative Learning Department.


Blackpool Arts Awards

Gold Arts Award

Silver Arts Award

Bronze Arts Award

Explore Arts Award

Discover Arts Award


Discover more about Blackpool Arts Award in this video

Parents, want to know more? Read our handy briefing.

You can also download the Arts Award Guide



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