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Creative Opportunities For Young People

Three new roles have been created with multiple positions within each role. The roles are on a volunteer basis with the opportunity to travel, meet incredible touring and regional cast members. The roles demand people who can write creatively as well as it helps grow your self-esteem and give the opportunity to work with a professional marketing team.

We are looking for young people who are;

  • Very organised
  • Incredibly creative
  • Love a deadline
  • and most importantly FUN to work with!

So… do you fancy joining us?


Young Journalists

Blackpool’s Grand Theatre is looking for creative Young Journalists to work within a scheme designed to give young people with an active interest in arts journalism the chance to develop their interests and talent. Their stories and insights of our shows/events will be used on the Grand Theatre’s website/blog. Being one of our Young Journalists you will work closely with The Grand Marketing Team, you will research, conduct interviews and write featured material for a younger audience.

You should be aged 14 to 26yrs
To apply to be a Young Journalist download an application form here and once completed email to

Arts Bloggers

Blackpool’s Grand Theatre is continually seeking both long and short-term Arts Bloggers (in Theatre, Music, Musicals and Dance), in addition to writers for one-off pieces for your own Blog. Working with The Grand Marketing Team, writers will be encouraged to develop a theme through their blogs, acting as opinion pieces and commentary on subjects covering theatre, music, dance for a younger audience. We are looking for bloggers and their blogs that encourage discussion for readers. You should already run a successful blog with great readership.

You should be aged 16 to 26yrs
To apply to be an Arts Blogger download an application from here and once completed email to


Blackpool’s Grand Theatre actively searching for creative and expressive young writers as Reviewers developing their critical skills through attending Press and VIP nights. Working with The Grand Marketing Team, reviewers will be writing content for the theatres blog for a younger audience. Most reviews will take place at the Blackpool Grand, however we are actively looking for reviewers whom can travel to review shows before arriving in Blackpool. Associated travel costs would be paid.

You should be aged 16 to 26yrs [18yrs to travel]
To be considered, please download the application form here and once completed email to