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David Hughes Dance…

 The sensational David Hughes Dance is coming to the Grand Theatre, Blackpool- and promises not to disappoint! Whether you are a regular contemporary dance-goer or have never seen a piece of contemporary dance in your life, this will be a night of dance and performance you certainly won’t forget!

David Hughes Dance pride themselves on delivering passionate and beautiful performance through skillful and innovative dance, which is both enthralling and accessible. David Hughes Dance, in true troubadour fashion, will perform anywhere from a stripped down barn by candle light to a full Opera-House spectacular- and they are making their way to Blackpool’s beautiful Grand Theatre in October!

In The Chinaski Sessions, live Belgian rock music and explosive contemporary dance collide in an evening of highly-charged and skilled performance! The Chinaski Sessions depicts an evening in the life of seven testosterone-crazed men, trapped in a rock-band’s home studio, as they try to finish their new album. Chaos ensues in the form of vicious drumming and explosive dance performance that will leave you amazed!

With a wink to Charles Bukowski’s cult character Henry Chinaski (who was an autobiographical character that Bukowski used in four novels) The Chinaski Sessions will take you on a thrilling journey following the antics of seven young men in an evening of debauchery and revelation.

The show will be an energetic experience with incredible dance performances and a live band on stage! The live band performing throughout the show will be Belgian rock duo I Love Sarah (Jeroen Stevens/Rutger De Brabander).

David Hughes Dance originally formed in 1996 as a solo platform and expanded in 2005 to a full ensemble. The Artistic Director, David Hughes, is renowned for his work with major companies – including London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Rambert Dance Company, Adventures In Motion Pictures and DV8 Physical Theatre. This is a company fearlessly dedicated to setting the bench mark through commissioning new work by unique choreographers/directors.

David Hughes Dance will also spend a week with local dancers, working with them to create a curtain raiser that will open the The Chinaski Sessions, which is an exclusive project specific to The Grand Theatre, Blackpool. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience a night of live music and contemporary dance like no other!


David Hughes Dance’s Chinaski Sessions is at The Grand

on Monday 22 October.

Tickets from £10

 Booking and Transaction fees apply

See the Chinaski Sessions show page on our website to book tickets and choose your own seats.