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This evening of knock out performance at the Grand Theatre fuses old-school hip-hop styles with cutting edge 3D video, taking the dancers into an abstract world where b-boying (breakdance), popping and house dance come alive. Even if you have never seen hip-hip or contemporary dance before, this is a performance for anyone who enjoys watching energetic, skilled performers and jaw-dropping dance.The Decadance performers dance and interact with stunning 3D video during the performance, embracing the fluid side of hip-hop. The dancers float, slide, spin, wave, and balance as the projections and choreography seamlessly merge together. Decadance takes female dancers out of the background of music videos and into the forefront of theatrical performance.

Whether you are a regular contemporary dance-goer or have never seen a piece of contemporary dance in your life, this will be a night of dance and performance you certainly won’t forget!

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