A must see for all Bowie fans, the latest production promises an unforgettable journey of sound and vision, featuring all the hits from A to Ziggy.

Bowie Experience continues to amaze audiences with an astounding attention to detail, bringing the golden years of David Bowie to theatres across the globe. So, put on your red shoes and Let’s Dance!



Whether you’re a music connoisseur or you just know a good song when you hear one, it’s probable that David Bowie has been part of your playlist at some point in your life. Having a career that spanned many decades while remaining robust and creative ensured he has been recognised as one of the most influential and radical artists to derive from the UK.

Bowie suffered a heart attack in 2004, but went on to make a full recovery. Not being one to stand still, he propelled himself into his work and worked with Arcade Fire and even worked with Scarlett Johansson on her ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’ album.

Bowie received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award before flying below the music radar for some years. However, you can’t keep a good artist down and soon he blew fans away with the release of ‘The Next Day’ in 2013, as a well as a greatest hits collection the following year.

2015 saw Bowie contribute to the musical ‘Lazarus’ which shone the spotlight on his character from ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’

His last album was ‘Blackstar’ released in 2016. Not only was it seen as dark, but rewarding, but fans soon learnt that the album was recorded during Bowie’s 18-month battle with cancer, making ‘Blackstar’ one of the most important albums of his career.

Bowie passed away on January 10, 2016 much to the dismay of his fans and those he had influenced throughout the years. Iconic music stars spoke of how he was the most important songwriters to grace the world of music, and how he lived for his fans. His parting gift of ‘Blackstar’ only went on to concrete these claims.

Bowie Experience is a spectacular concert featuring all of the greatest hits – celebrating the music of the world’s greatest pop icon. An unforgettable journey of sound and vision through the golden years from Space Oddity through to Let’s Dance..

Bowie Experience is the world’s favourite and most authentic tribute to the thin white duke and continues to amaze audiences with an astounding attention to detail. The world’s number 1 celebration features songs including Space Oddity, Starman, FashionLife on MarsChina Girl, Rebel Rebel, Golden Years, Modern LoveLets Dance and Heroes.


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