German Cornejo’s Tango Fire

Grand Theatre Main Auditorium,


23 Feb, 7:30pm
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Starring internationally renowned Argentinean tango superstars German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi, who are joined by a cast of extraordinary tango dancers, including World Tango champions, this is a fiery and explosive journey through the history of authentic Argentine Tango.


Six incredible couples show off some of the speediest footwork and tightest twirling in the business while demonstrating their individual styles, accompanied by the astonishing Tango Fuego Quartet, playing live music on stage from tango’s most famous composers, including Piazzolla, Pugliese and Gardel, this is a sizzling, sensual show guaranteed to make pulses race.


Germán and Gisela have been practicing and perfecting their tango since the early age of 10 and 16 respectively. They have mastered the skills and styles of classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz, ballet, acrobatics & tango in the company of Argentina’s most respected teachers. After collectively winning 40 gold medals at national competitions, Germán and Gisela have each achieved the title of World Tango Champion.


Germán and Gisela’s professional development and growth has naturally progressed into teaching and coaching. They are currently regarded as two of the best Show Tango teachers in Buenos Aires thanks to their students reaching top positions year after year in the Tango World Championships. Germán joined Tango Fire in 2006, whilst Gisela joined the company in 2010.

Tango Fire has placed German amongst the world’s top choreographers. His past choreography experience includes Mission Tango Show (2007) under the Musical Direction of Lisandro Adrover, Tango Inferno – The Fire Within (2010/2011), and Immortal Tango (2016). Gisela was the choreographer of Tango Dance Premium (2007) and assistant choreographer of Immortal Tango (2016). Rave reviews from the New York TimesOttawa CitizenThe London Times and Financial Times have established this couple as a tour de force in the world of Argentine tango.



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Show information

Act One 60 mins
Interval 20 mins
Act Two 60 mins

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Cast and Creatives

German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi

German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi have been perfecting their Tango skills from a very young age. Collectively they have won 40 gold medals at national competitions and became World Tango Champions in 2003 and 2005, putting them in the company of Argentina’s most respected teachers. This year German was a judge in the Tango World Championships. German and Gisela have performed all over the globe. Some of their career highlights include starring as soloists in Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s stage show Q'Viva Live under the direction of the well-known director Jamie King, who has worked with Madonna and Britney Spears amongst others, dancing in the international debut of Milonga under the direction of acclaimed contemporary choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and performing as guest artists at Sampled and Latitude Festival in the UK in 2014. German and Gisela’s biggest desire is to show Tango and their passion for dancing to the entire world.

Sebastian Alvarez and Victoria Saudelli (Dancers)

Sebastian Alvarez and Victoria Saudelli joined their talents and skills together to first win the New Milongueros Generation Award and the Azul de Tango Competition. They have since represented the Buenos Aires city government at the Song Festival opening in Egypt, performed for the heads of state at the 4th Summit of the Americas (Mar del Plata, Argentina) and were special guest dancers for Deep Purples concert (Buenos Aires). Previously they have toured with Sólo Tango taking them around Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Latvia, Russia, and finishing in Moscow with a sold out show at the Kremlin Theatre. Other career highlights include the opening night of Argentine TV show Susana Giménez, dancing with renowned singer Sandra Mihanovich and Gloria Estefan’s tune El día que me quieras and performing at the Boxing World Championship at Luna Park Stadium (Buenos Aires) in 2013, with famous Argentine boxer Omar Narváez.

Marcos Roberts and Louise Junqueira Malucelli (Dancers)

Marcos Roberts and Louise Junqueira Malucelli began dancing Tango professionally in 2005 as members of Ballet Mora Godoy in Buenos Aires. Together they joined Bien de Tango, Tangorama, Puerto Buenos Aires, Tango Encounters, Tango Seduction, Bien Argentin’ and Argentine Bicentennial show at the Stade de France (Paris) with Walter Rios where they were Assistant Directors and lead dancers. They have toured extensively around the world performing in Brazil, Korea, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Czech Republic. In 2014 they became regular performers at the famous Tango house Señor Tango, where they were the Assistant Directors and performed in the stage show Tango Mendoza directed by Flávio Stravaganza.

Ezequiel Lopez and Camila Alegre (Dancers)

Ezequiel Lopez and Camila Alegre are recognized as one of Buenos Aires finest Tango couples. They were Tango World Champions in 2015. Previously they have toured internationally with different Tango companies and were assistant choreographers in Stravaganza Tango Musical (Buenos Aires). Between touring internationally they work in renowned Tango houses in Buenos Aires including Café Tortoni, Esquina Carlos Gardel Show, Tango Porteño, Madero Tango, Café de Los Angelitos, Rojo Tango Faena Hotel and Piazzolla Tango. In 2012 Ezequiel was chosen as a participant of the US reality TV show Q’Viva!

Julio Seffino and Carla Dominguez (Dancers)

Julio Seffino and Carla Dominguez studied Argentine Tango with German Cornejo and Silvio Lavia where they learnt the fundamentals of Tango Salon and Stage Tango, which led them to become dance partners. Together they have performed at Señor Tango, one of the most renowned Tango houses in Buenos Aires and currently they perform in Rojo Tango, in the luxury Faena Hotel. They have been cast members of Tango Lovers, Immortal Tango and Lunfardo, touring through China, Russia, USA, Chile, England, Russia, USA, England and Lithuania. In 2014, they joined Buenos Aires Pasión de Tango at Borges Cultural Centre, and Con Alma de Tango at the legendary Esquina Homero Manzi, in Buenos Aires. They merge acrobatics and Tango dance in an awe-inspiring performance.

Esteban Simon and Marilu Leopardi (Dancers)

Esteban Simon and Marilu Leopardi have been dancing together since 2009. They have performed in the most important Tango Houses in Buenos Aires and most recently part of the shows at Café de los Angelitos and Rojo Tango at Faena Hotel. They have toured internationally in Tango shows including una Historia Argentina, Tango Baile with the Vale Tango Orchestra, Fusion Tango with the Argentinean ballet stars Hernan Piquin and Cecilia Figaredo. In addition, as guest artists for Julio Iglesias’ world tours they have performed in United States, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina and as teachers of Argentine Tango, they have given lessons and special workshops in several cities around the world.


'Sensual, erotic, authentically Argentinian.'

- The Telegraph

'Tango at its sexiest and most stupendous.'

- Dance Critics

'Pure velocity and plenty of sizzle.'

- Evening Standard

'Breathtakingly sensual.

- Sunday Express

German Cornejo’s Tango Fire