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Overflowing with brilliant characters, rip-roaring farce and virtuoso physical comedy, this is the show which made them an international comedy sensation, from Just For Laughs Montreal to Sydney Opera House.

A spooky mansion, a plucky young heroine and a handsome English aristocrat. Add a German butler and a Spanish soap star and you’re… COOPED with Spymonkey!

Beautiful, fawn-like Laura du Lay arrives in the heart of darkest Northumberlandshirehampton to take up a post as secretary to the reclusive but devastatingly handsome Forbes Murdston. She has ignored for as long as she can the unsettling rumours that surround her new employer and his ominous manservant Klaus. If only Roger Parchment, the family lawyer, were not so obviously in love with her! Then she could confide in him her darkest fears:

Is Forbes really the killer who lurks in the darkness? Who is the prey he seeks? And will Inspector Detective Judadench solve the mystery before it is too late?!

Directed by Cal McCrystal, the comedy genius behind One Man Two Guvnors, A Scouse Nativity and Paddington.

Please note: This show contains non-sexual full-frontal Male and Female nudity.

125 Special Event

  • £12.50