The Bon Jovi Experience

Grand Theatre Main Auditorium,


8 Apr, 7:30pm
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They are also the only tribute to have been featured on the official Bon Jovi website.


The band have toured to ecstatic audiences the world over…not to be missed.


“The best tribute I’ve ever seen” Jon Bon Jovi.



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Act One 60 mins
Interval 20 mins
Act Two 60 mins

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Tony (Jon, Head Singer)

The Founder Member of The BJE, Tony has studied various styles over the course of his singing career. In the 80’s and 90’s, Tony was the vocalist with Scratch and Big Shot from Birmingham who had plenty of media coverage at the time. Tony formed the band known today as the World’s leading tribute to BON JOVI…… THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE.

Edd (Richie, Guitar Player)

Edd is 100% self-taught which has often surprised and impressed many of his peers not one to keep his guitar skills to himself he can be regularly be seen chatting and giving technical advice to would be Richie’s at shows. Realising that perfecting the Richie guitar is only part of the role, Edd has spent extensive time perfecting his now great backing vocals to give that ‘extra edge’ to the band and can, on occasion, be seen at shows performing main vocals on the song ILL BE THERE FOR YOU as the real Richie also does.

Dave (Steve, Piano Player)

Steve, (aka Dave) started playing piano at the age of 7 and eventually progressed to the Royal School of Music where he achieved diplomas in classical performance and music theory. Having been a much sought-after session musician and teacher for 15 years he joined the Bon Jovi Experience in 2013.

Paul (Tico, Drums Player)

Paul (aka) Tico has been playing drums even before he could talk, following in the footsteps of his father and brother who were both drummers.

Nick (Hugh, Bass Player)

Nick started to play guitar at an early age before switching to bass at the age of 18, first playing in local rock cover bands. That’s where he first met Edd (Richie), and has continued to play in various cover and tribute bands ever since, travelling all over the UK and abroad.

The Bon Jovi Experience