The Lancashire Hotpots: The Chips and Giggles Tour 2022

Grand Theatre Main Auditorium,


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9 Jul, 7:30pm
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The Lancashire Hotpots return to Blackpool with their Chips & Giggles Tour.


There’s only one thing more satisfying than a visit to the chippy and that’s an evening with The Lancashire Hotpots.


Bernard and the boys will be playing all your Lancashire Hotpot favourites: I Fear Ikea, Shopmobility Scooter and of course…Chippy Tea! It’s going to be an unbeatable night of music and laughs for everyone. Whether you’re up for a battered sausage or a tub or gravy you’re in for a great time with the Hotpots!


Get Hotpot ready and watch their music video ‘You Could Get Hit By A Bus Tomorrow’ here


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recommended age 14+

Show information

Act One 70 mins
Interval 20 mins
Act Two 70 mins

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Dickie Ticker (Hotpots Mastermind)

Dickie is incidental percussionist extraordinaire and is the mastermind behind the Hotpots. “They laughed at me when I said I was forming a comedy band…they’re not laughing now are they!”

Bernard Thresher (Lead Singer)

Bernard is lead singer with The Lancashire Hotpots and with his roguish Northern charms and otter like features he’s the heart and soul of the Hotpots. Bernard will get you singing and quite possibly dancing in the aisles by the end of the show.

Bob Wriggles (Bass)

Bob is the man mountain of bass and it’s his job to keep the low frequencies in check. Bob likes hot chillis, Billy Joel and Jim Beam whiskey, though not always at the same time.

Kenny Body (Drummer)

Kenny is the drummer in the Hotpots and is the biggest craft beer fan in the band. He’s never without a can or two of Brewdog in the dressing room. You might thing that he looks like Dave Myers from the Hairy Bikers but we couldn’t possibly comment.

Billy McCartney (Keyboard Player)

Softly spoken Billy is keyboard player in the Hotpots and is known for his quick wit and excellent playing skills. He’ll probably need a lift home after the show, so if you ’ve got a clean driving licence and know the way to the nearest KFC, have a chat with him in the foyer.

Dr Ron Seal (Electric Guitarist)

The newest member of the Hotpots Dr Ron is the ‘axe warrior’ electric guitarist in the band. Dr Ron would like to point out that he’s not actually a fully qualified medical GP but he’ll have a ruddy good look at it for you.

The Lancashire Hotpots: The Chips and Giggles Tour 2022