The MP, Aunty Mandy & Me

Grand Theatre Main Auditorium,


28 Sep, 7:00pm
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29 Sep, 7:00pm
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The MP,  Aunty Mandy & Me explores consent, coercion and grooming within the gay male community with biting humour and contemporary social commentary.


Meet Dom. He wants more than anything else to be an #instagay #influencer but it’s tough when no one likes your posts, you can’t find a bloke who shares your love of trains and you live with your MDMA popping, Simply Red loving mum in a small northern village five miles from the nearest gay. He’d love a fabulous life with the A-Gays in the city, but his social anxiety prevents this from being a reality. It’s all a bit of an effort.


Then one day, a chance encounter with his local MP turns everything upside down. But in pursuit of the life he thinks he wants; just how much does Dom have to give up?


Emmerson & Ward Productions and Curve present The MP, Aunty Mandy and Me, a bittersweet tale of political campaigns, sexual consent and steam trains.


Please note: This show is in The STUDIO


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'A masterpiece.'

- What’s On Stage on Away From Home

'This really is not one to miss.'

- Broadway Baby on Gypsy Queen

'A singularly brave – and rather extraordinary – piece of theatre.'

- The Independent on Away From Home

'Laugh-out-loud lines… a touching romance.'

- The Stage on Gypsy Queen

The MP, Aunty Mandy & Me