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Seven dancers of extraordinary skill, a soundtrack of thundering electro-rock specially composed by Amarok and thousands of pieces of paper combine to create a work that will astound you with its athleticism and touch you emotionally in a way that words simply can’t.

The Storm grows from a light breeze and becomes something too powerful to fathom. It scoops the dancers into the air then drops them to the floor with unrelenting velocity, transforms them into mini tornadoes and sends them spiralling out of control.

In this storm can you find peace? Can you find the calm eye of the storm? Will it all blow over?

You can’t see the wind, but you can see how it changes objects. You can’t see unhappiness, but you can see how it changes people. A low becomes a depression, a depression becomes a storm. When you’re unhappy people say “it will all blow over”.There is a calm before the storm, is there one afterwards?

James Wilton Dance were founded in 2010 and quickly amassed choreographic awards and critical acclaim nationally and internationally. Their most recent works LEVIATHAN and Last Man Standing have accumulated over 170 performances, wowing audiences all over the world. Wilton has created works for Opera Graz, Scottish Dance Theatre, Ballet Hagen, Konzert Theatre Bern, Theatre Münster and for the opening ceremony of the Rugby League World Cup 2013.

The Storm is co-commissioned by Blackpool Grand, DanceEast, The Gulbenkian, The Place and Swindon Dance, with support from Arts Council England Grants for The Arts and the Mayflower 400 Fund.

Photo credits: Steve Tanner

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