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21 Years of Pantomime

Martin Dodd for UK Productions in association with Blackpool Grand Theatre is proud to have presented 21 years of Pantomime…

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Cinderella Slipper Sparkles

Our incredible Cinderella Slipper has gone missing! Blackpool’s Grand Theatre commissioned a VERY SPECIAL display for their upcoming pantomime Cinderella –…

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An Interview with Milton Jones

An Interview with Milton Jones about the importance of his own nonsense in our increasingly divided times. Could we see an end to the silliness and pun-foolery?

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An interview with Cinderella’s Prince Charming…JJ Hamblett! Cinderella plays at Blackpool Grand Theatre from Tuesday 5 December to Sunday 7 January.

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Milkshake star, Olivia Birchenough, is the heroine in this year’s pantomime, Cinderella, admits she hadn’t heard of the panto awards until she won them!

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