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The Number One Girls Night Out!

What causes women of a certain age to suffer cold sweats, hot flushes, hormones to rage like tsunamis and mood swings that make them as predictable as the British weather?

No, it’s not watching David Beckham train- it’s the menopause. But rather than complain about it, why not turn this change-of-life experience into a fun filled night at the theatre, complete with great songs, rewritten to perfectly capture the mood.

This hilarious celebration of women and ‘The Change’, is an all-singing, all-dancing comedy bringing together four women at a department store sale, who on first appearance have nothing in common.

However, the sale of a black lace bra soon stimulates comical heart-to-hearts on hot flushes, night sweats, memory loss, chocolate binges, not enough sex, too much sex and plastic surgery.

Starring Cheryl Fergison (EastEnders favourite Heather Trott), Maureen Nolan (The Nolans), Casualty’s Rebecca Wheatley and The Al Murray Show’s Ruth Berkeley, the hysterical Menopause The Musical has entertained and inspired women around the world for 16 years.

And the ladies believe sharing this fun night to be therapy for the soul. This is Cheryl Fergison’s second tour with Menopause The Musical and for her the timing couldn’t be better.

“This show simply had to be made. It tells you it’s okay to talk about the subject and I’m delighted because I’m going through the menopause myself at the moment. You see, until you do you have no idea it’s such a big thing.”

Cheryl adds, grinning; “Suddenly I’m sprouting a moustache. I could do Movember” (the movement which encourages men to grow moustaches.)

Maureen is just as enthusiastic about the show. “The timing is great for this show,” she maintains. “Women just seemed to be desperate for a great night out. Menopause The Musical entertains with 23 songs such as I Will Survive, but re-written with comedy lyrics.

“And it doesn’t make light of the menopause, rather it shows you can tackle the raging hot sweats with humour and honesty. I certainly don’t mind anyone knowing I have to have fans in my dressing room, even when it’s cold.”

Menopausal or just in need of a laugh out loud kind of night, this show is a must see for all women!

Menopause The Musical
The Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Friday 24 March


£25 to £28.50