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The Friends of The Grand Community Chorus have teamed up with the Blackpool Time to Change Hub to raise awareness for Mental Health Day. All are invited to the event, that is being held in the Spanish Hall at the Winter Gardens on Tuesday 10 October 11am to 4pm.

The event aims to reduce mental health discrimination and stigma by shining a light on positive mental health and well being messages. It will showcase Blackpool’s network of organisations and individuals that are passionately involved in providing mental well being for all.

The Friends Of The Grand Community Chorus has been running for over a year now. Performing in community events linked to the Creative Learning engagement programme at the theatre and also for local charities including the Young Carers Centre. It’s an all inclusive, access for all, creative weekly workshop that takes place every Tuesday (1:30pm to 3pm) in TheSTUDIO at The Grand Theatre. There are no auditions as we sing for the fun of it.

For more information on Creative Learning, visit our page.

Creative Learning believe in the important links between music and mental health. Whether you’re a fan of pop, classical, jazz or the blues, music can help your mood and help you cope with tricky emotions. Incorporating music into your everyday life can help to elevate your mood and motivation, aid relaxation and increase the efficiency of your brain processing.

If you are interested in joining the Community Chorus, we meet every Tuesday at 1:30pm to  3pm, please email and check out our website.

Don’t worry if you can’t make this event!

The community chorus will be performing throughout Blackpool over the Christmas period at several events including; the Aspired Futures ( fundraiser and the Grand Christmas Concert.