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Mugenkyo – The Music For The People

Mugenkyo are Europe’s leading taiko drum group, originally established in 1994, and are at the forefront of the art-form on this continent, forging a new path with their innovative approach, honed from years on the touring circuit. Since their last Fringe appearance in 2013, Mugenkyo have developed their unique style still further, fusing the traditional taiko spirit with a modern image and sound, with dramatic lighting, theatricality and humour, and contemporary musical sensibility, captivating audiences the world over with their energetic and dynamic performances

‘A Mugenkyo concert is very varied, with a lot theatrical elements. Some of our songs are very high-energy with fast powerful rhythms. Some songs are slower and very graceful to watch, with highly choreographed and synchronised movement. Some songs involve quieter percussion instruments, such as gongs and bells and we often perform with special guests, dancers & other musicians. The concert is a whole experience in itself.’ said Miyuki.

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

Neil added ‘This may sound like a cliché, but Taiko appeals to absolutely everyone, and cuts across every musical boundary. Mugenkyo perform at every kind of music festival – jazz, classical, rock, folk – and wherever we’ve played we’ve found it’s always popular amongst audiences. As they say in Japan, Taiko really is the music of the people.”

Miyuki’s favourite thing about Taiko is that it ‘encompasses many things. It’s physical, it’s music, it’s rhythm, it’s energy, it’s dance, it’s spiritual, it’s theatrical – it’s so much more than ‘just drumming’. A live Taiko concert is a very moving experience. The reverberation of the drums goes right through you – it’s not just about hearing the drums or watching the show – it’s about feeling the music in a very physical way.’

Don’t miss the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers when they return to Blackpool’s Grand on Sunday 24 November! Get your tickets via the link below, or call our Box Office on 01253 290190.



Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

The Grand Theatre


24th November

Box Office

01253 290190