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Ooh La La review by AltBlackpool

Keep a special eye out for the stunning aerialist Shauvana Dana, whose Tainted Love routine is beautiful and thrilling. She brings a dark and sultry elegance to the Marilyn Manson version of the track that will leave your heart pounding. This was a fantastic act and I wish it had lasted longer! Cannon and Ball celebrate their 51st year together in the show, and what a spectacular 51 years it has been. Their comedic dynamism still works as well as it did on the television all those years ago and they keep the audience howling through the evening. The compilation of routines and individual talents is so strong and fresh, it is a great example of how dancing shows still can have a relevance with a modern audience.  Between juggling, the infamous burlesque cocktail glass routine and the dazzling dance routines, nobody could be left wanting. Get down to see this show at the Grand Theatre.  It’s showing until September.  If you want an evening of great entertainment and a good few laughs in between, you won’t be disappointed.