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Peppa Pig’s Adventure performed at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre over the weekend. So, local blogger/vlogger Kate, known to her following as Mummy Kate Blog, took a family trip to see the show for herself and this is what she had to say…

We have taken Jessie to a few performances at The Grand Theatre in Blackpool now; I can honestly say that it never disappoints and we have made many happy memories there. So here are my five reasons why I thought Peppa Pig’s Adventure was awesome!

1.From start to finish, the staff at The Grand make your experience an enjoyable one – they are all absolutely lovely. When we first arrived, the man selling programmes on the door kindly offered to take our photo for us, which I’m really pleased about as I love getting pictures with all three of us on. But every member of staff we came across was so attentive and they always make an effort to speak to Jessie and make us feel welcome as a family.

2. Now I have to say my heart did sink a little bit when we walked in and saw all the Peppa Pig memorabilia conveniently positioned by the entrance, but we decided to buy her a light up Peppa Pig toy and the look on her little face when Matt gave it her was unforgettable – I’m so glad I caught the moment on camera (link to my Vlog is at the end of this post btw!)

3. Peppa Pig’s Adventure Live was fast paced, interactive and encouraged children to join in right from the very start by looking for Peppa who was playing hide and seek. This caught Jessie’s attention straight away and is the reason I love live performances so much, compared to watching films or TV shows.

4. Not only are the children encouraged to join in, but so are the adults! Before I knew it I was happily singing along to the Bing Bong song (if you know Peppa I shouldn’t need to explain that to you!) and they even brought out the lyrics so we had no choice not to join in! I think it’s a great way to bond as a family and have a good laugh together.

5. It wasn’t just the endless singing and dancing that made it interactive and perfect for little ones with a short attention span, but the wide range of stage effects and props used. There were fairy lights, flying owls, running ducks, glow in the dark stars and we even got sprayed with water guns when Peppa was splashing in muddy puddles! There was always something new and exciting every few minutes.

I can honestly say that we loved the show, which was an hour long but had an interval half way through, and would most definitely recommend it to family and friends.
We’ve only ever sat in the stalls before (where booster seats are provided for children) but this time we were in the dress circle. Due to health and safety reasons, booster seats weren’t provided up there but we were on the second row and had a brilliant view of the stage.

By the way, if you’re looking for cheap and cheerful food before the show – we went to the Wetherspoons which is just a couple of minutes away from the theatre, for our breakfast and the service was really quick (which was perfect as we were in a bit of a rush, as usual!) and the food was yummy!

The Grand Theatre has so many child friendly shows coming up, check out their website here, but on my wish list are Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Teletubbies Live and of course the Christmas Pantomime which this year is Beauty and the Beast.

I made a little Vlog of our morning at Peppa Pig’s Adventure which is linked below….

Thanks so much for reading – I do hope this encourages you to take your little ones to the theatre – it’s just a great experience for them which the whole family will love! Go get some tickets booked and let me know what you’re going to see!

Written by: Mummy Kate Blog
Find her website by clicking here.

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