Who Are the Peter Pan Characters?

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Just in time for Christmas 2019, the Peter Pan Pantomime is coming to Blackpool Grand, offering you an opportunity to experience a fun-filled and family-friendly adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s classic fairytale! But just how well do you know the characters from the original tale?


Peter Pan

The famous boy who never grows old, Peter Pan is boastful and carefree; self-centred and oblivious; forgetful and fearless. In short, he is everything that you would expect the essence of childhood to be. Famously, Pan can also fly, and is a skilled mimic, swordsman and even possesses the gift of making his imaginings corporeal. Inexplicably linked with his home of Neverland, this island is literally said to “wake up” only when Peter is present.


Did You Know?

Despite being the hero of the story, Peter’s character possesses a dark side in certain interpretations, when his disregard for the feelings of others, coercive nature and controlling personality seem to cast him in a rather negative light.

The Darlings


The second protagonist within the story. Eldest child and only daughter of the Darling family. The “mother” figure to both Peter Pan and The Lost Boys, the fact Wendy is on the verge of adulthood stands as a stark contrast to Pan’s refusal to grow up. Wendy’s initial distaste for adulthood leads Peter to take her and her brother to Neverland, so they need never grow up.

After many adventures, this distaste eventually subsides and she returns home to ultimately marry and have children of her own. Romantic feelings for Peter are hinted at, but unclear.



The middle child of the Darling family. Fascinated by pirates, John dreams of his independence. Alternately looks up to and clashes with Peter Pan.



The youngest of the Darling family (probably around 5). Daydreams of living in a wigwam.



Father of Wendy, John, and Michael.



Mother of Wendy, John, and Michael.



A Newfoundland dog who acts as a nursemaid, and seems to possess an almost human-like understanding of her responsibilities.



The Darling family’s maidservant.

The Friends

Tinker Bell

Peter’s fairy friend, with a personality of extremes. This is explained as a result of a fairy’s small size making it impossible to hold more than one feeling at once! Besotted with Peter to the point where she risks her own life to protect him, and highly jealous of Wendy as a result.


The Lost Boys

Peter’s band (formed of unclaimed babies who fell out of their prams). The Lost Boys follow Peter’s leadership, and are seemingly banished from Neverland when they grow up.

Tootles – the humble one, and (distant second) to Pan. Very loyal to Wendy.

Nibs – the brave one.

Slightly – the conceited one.

Curly –  the kind-hearted, not so smart one.

The Twins – the… underdeveloped one(s).

Did You Know

There are no Lost Girls because, in Pan’s words, girls are too clever to fall from their prams!

Tiger Lily

Princess of the Piccaninny tribe. Saved by Peter, who she possesses unrequited feelings for.


The Foes

Captain Hook

The “Moriarty” to Peter’s “Holmes” and the Captain of the Jolly Roger ship. Hook’s right hand was severed in a duel with Peter, and an iron hook now occupies the stump. Bloodthirsty and extremely cruel, Hook is nevertheless a handsome and genteel man, with a strange moral code revolving around what he considers to be ‘good form’.

Did You Know?

Increasingly, many people explore the possibility that Hook could be a former Lost Boy!


Mr. Smee

Captain Hook’s incompetent bo’sun and one of only two pirates to survive the original story.


Gentleman Starkey

Captain Hook’s first mate and the second of only two pirates to survive the original story.


The Crocodile

The beast that ate Hook’s right hand when it was cut off in the latter’s duel with Peter. Has since swallowed a clock, so is instantly audible due to a signature ‘ticking’ noise.

Blackpool Grand’s Peter Pan Pantomime runs from 6th December 2019 to 5th January 2020

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