The Peter Pan History [Infographic]

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Peter Pan has been delighting audiences for 117 years (almost as long as the Grand has been showing plays!).

From pantomimes, shows, films, and more, Peter’s story is a fantastical tale for the entire family.


Peter Pan | Blackpool Grand


Did you know Walt Disney once starred as Peter Pan in a school play? From Pan’s original appearance in 1902 until today, the character’s popularity has never waned. From books, films, shows, and musicals, Peter Pan History seems to remain part of children’s lives worldwide.


1902 – First appearance of Peter Pan in the book The Little White Bird.

1904 – First stage version of the play in London, titled Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.

1906 – The three chapters of Pan’s first appearance are published in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

1908 – Short sequel play When Wendy Grew Up – An Afterthought goes to stage.

1911 – The play is adapted into a novel, Peter and Wendy.

1924 – Pan’s first appearance on-screen in a silent film, Peter Pan.

1950 – Leonard Bernstein creates a stage adaption for the play but it’s never filmed.

1953 – Disney’s animated film Peter Pan is produced based on the play.

1954 – 65 million viewers watch the NBC live broadcast of the Broadway show with Mary Martin.

1976 – Mia Farrow and Danny Kaye star in a TV musical production, titled Peter Pan.

1990s – Animated show for TV, Peter Pan and the Pirates.

1991 – Hook, starring Robin Williams as adult Pan and directed by Steven Spielberg.

2002 – Disney’s Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland featuring Wendy’s daughter Jane.

2003 – Live-action adaptation film with Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan.

2004 – British author Geraldine McCaughrean is chosen to write an official sequel to the 1911 novel, called Peter Pan in Scarlet.

2013 – Peter Pan appears on season three’s first episode of Once Upon a Time.

2014 – Musical revival, Peter Pan Live!, also broadcast on NBC, starring Allison Williams and Christopher Walken.

2015 – Joe Wright’s prequel film, Pan, starring Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, and Rooney Mara.


Learn more about the Peter Pan History with our easy to use Infographic.

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