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Q&A With Ben Faulks AKA Mr Bloom

Afraid not. Generally, I find that the deepest darkest months of the year are not the ideal time to stake claims for bold transformations. Better done in the Summer time.

You’re an actor and as well as your alter-ego Mr Bloom you’ve in recent years starred in Panto and also had a role in Hollyoaks – how does that compare to working with children (and of course, the veggies?).

For me personally, I love the variety of experiences acting provides. This is what I really thrive on. Each medium has its own challenges & that’s the bonus. If I can keep on finding roles that are different from the last, I couldn’t ask for more.

The idea of Mr Bloom evolved from a street theatre production you created which you then pitched to the BBC (and they of course, loved). How successful did you think it would be as a television show? What do you think makes it so popular – even five years and five series’ on?

You can never bank on people liking your work. You can certainly hope they do, but once it’s finished and out in the public domain, there’s nothing more you can do. For my part, I could see the concept, clear as day, working as a TV show. Thankfully, the BBC could too. As for the success it has enjoyed, that’s down to everyone else, not us. It terms of what makes it popular it’s impossible to say but obviously, it’s all a sum of its parts put together by a lot of hard graft & a lot of luck, being the right thing at the right time.

You’re loved not only by the kids – it’s no secret you’re a big hit with the mums too. What do you make to all that? Some of your ‘admirers’ say some pretty fruity things! What do your friends and wife, Mimi make of the attention?!

We have a giggle about it, as we’d no idea a tank top and wellies could be so attractive. But to be honest, given that I’m not on social media I don’t encounter a great deal of what goes on.

You have three children of your own, how does life as Mr Bloom work around having a young family? What do they make of having a famous dad?

They’ve grown up with me dressing up as different characters, so they’ve always got their head around it. Everyone’s Dad does something different. As for Mr Bloom, it was admittedly very special when they we’re younger and in the CBeebies age group, as it was of specific relevance to them. However, it is tough being away from home for extended periods of time, be it on tour or location but that’s the life we lead and it’s important to us as a family to make it work.

Favourite way to spend a day when not working?

Everyone sits down together for a slow breakfast listening to Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC6 Music, then I nip out on my own for a quick run or cycle, come home, get cleaned up, make a packed lunch and go out with the family on some sort of local outdoor adventure, return home once again, set a fire, make pizza for everyone, then all sit down to watch ‘You’ve Been Framed’. Happy Days!

So, you’re taking Mr Bloom’s Nursery, live! Tell us more…

Yes! Mighty exciting times ahead. It’s the first theatre tour we’ve undertaken. It’ll feature Mr Bloom & the Veggies.

How will it differ from the television show?

There will be familiar sights, sounds and activities from the TV show BUT this is a completely new story line & adventure. Also, the audience are imperative to the action, so unlike the TV show, they’ve going to need to get involved.

Any treats in store?

Apart from all the familiar things the Mr Blooms Nursery offers, there’ll be the appearance of a VERY special guest.

For dates, venues and tickets please visit the website at Also follow us on Twitter @MrBloomLive and Facebook /MrBloomLive

Mr. Bloom’s Nursery Live
The Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Sunday 12 March 2017
11am & 2pm

£14.50 to £16.50