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During a recent survey of audience members who had attended The Grand Theatre, over 68% were surprised to hear that the venue was a charitable, not-for-profit organisation. We’ve made it easy for you to support us and to donate now.


In 2017 Blackpool’s Grand Theatre launched a local and regional charity campaign, #PlayYourPart, to raise awareness of the great work the Grand does in and for Blackpool and the region.


The Grand is more than just a beautiful, Grade II Star listed building. It’s an active charity with social, educational and artistic aims. Employing 47 permanent staff members and with the help of 85 dedicated volunteers, the theatre attracts thousands of visitors to the town to enjoy the work on its stages. In addition, it runs a full programme of workshops for children and young people, in and out of school, focused on improving literacy, numeracy, social skills and confidence.


The charity campaign can help more than you know… Last year, 10,000 school children benefited from discounted tickets to see performances at the theatre. A further 3,000 young people performed on the stage as part of Au Revoir Review and Schools Alive. And 30 local schools are part of our literacy project in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Through the charity campaign The Grand aims to give every local child access to its work. To do this the theatre must raise funds to help grow its participation programme of events that allow children to grow and develop. These programmes are not for the privileged few but for all. We aim to cover costs and, where possible, the theatre offers as many free places as it can.


The Grand’s #PlayYourPart charity campaign encourages people to think about supporting the theatre by making a donation or by leaving a legacy to the theatre. Any gifts we receive will help introduce, encourage and develop children in the arts and allow them to express, explore and develop their natural talents.


Donate Now

It’s really easy to donate now, – you can do so via our box office (during the process of booking your tickets), make a donation below, or via the  Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) an international non-governmental organisation which provides specialist financial services to other charities and their supporters.



As it’s Christmas time…

The Grand Theatre, Blackpool announces an exciting new project bringing a little ‘Magic & Sparkle’ to people’s lives this Christmas.


The Grand in conjunction with Producer Martin Dodd of UK Productions Ltd is hoping to make the festive season a bit more special for local groups in need with their Magic & Sparkle tickets.


Regular and new Panto-goers are being invited to buy an extra ticket (at a very special rate), which will then be donated to local groups in need.


The Grand as a charity itself is aware of local issues, with families struggling to get by and with the help of partner organisations like Arts Council England, Blackpool Council, Curious Minds and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation we work to support individuals and children that live locally to experiencing the arts. Many of whom have learning difficulties or don’t have the financial support to be one of the few. Our aims are to engage as many children in the arts as possible – financial costs should not cause a barrier.


But this funding will only go so far, so to help us to reach groups that simply can’t afford to take part and experience this delight we are turning to our incredible supporters and customers to see if they can help?


The Grand’s aim is to help improve literacy, numeracy and confidence. Last year more than 52 schools, 10,000 school children visited The Grand to see a show and a further 3000 participated in other activities.


If you can help, ask for information at our Box Office or call us on 01253 290190, our team will be there to assist.







The Grand Theatre, Blackpool operates as two distinct Charitable Trusts:


Blackpool Grand Theatre Trust Ltd
Reg. in England and Wales No 1323495, Reg. Charity No. 506601

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the maintenance or improvement of the building please make your donation payable to: Blackpool Grand Theatre Trust Ltd.


Blackpool Grand Theatre (Arts & Entertainments) Ltd
Reg. in England and Wales No 2825229, Reg. Charity No. 1022754

If you would like to make a financial contribution towards the artistic programme or the operation of the theatre please make your donation payable to: Blackpool Grand Theatre (Arts & Entertainments) Ltd.

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