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Upcoming Event: Dracula

Re-imagined by a talented, world-class creative team from both London’s West End and Broadway, this World Première of a classic story is a must-see.

On at the Blackpool Grand from 13th November to 17th November, the father of gothic thrillers, Dracula, is a multi-sensory stage adaptation with illusions from magician and illusion designer Ben Hart.


A Completely New Dracula Adaptation – Terrifying Yet Enchanting

Travel to Transylvania and enter the terrifying castle of Count Dracula and his three brides. Follow this blood-curling tale as the Count feeds on young blood to remain youthful, using it as an elixir of life. Be by his side or cower in fear as Dracula pursues his victims and encounters Professor Van Helsing – his mortal enemy.

Spellbindingly addictive, emotionally fulfilling, and utterly terrifying. Are you brave enough to face Dracula in a way you’ve never seen him?

This autumn, watch the play produced by Matthew Gale and adapted by Jenny King. With a long-standing professional relationship, other successful collaborations between them include: ‘The Railway Children’ (Waterloo Station and Toronto), winner of an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment.

Their work also includes the UK tour of ‘Hairspray’, Slava’s Snow Show (Southbank Centre and Touring), and with Mark Goucher Chorus Line (Palladium).

Share this frightening and suspenseful experience with your loved ones. The play is sure to build up a sense of unity through communal fear. Feel your heartbeat quicken and your muscles tensing as the Count himself appears on stage, brought to life once again. Experience this this multi-sensory performance!

With spine-chilling effects and illusions sure to make you catch your breath, join us in November for a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. That is, if you’re brave enough to face the Count.

Dracula Featured Image | What's on in Blackpool

The Novel – Abraham ‘Bram’ Stoker’s Dracula

Written in 1897, the novel Dracula wasn’t the first vampire legend, however, it has become the most well-known version. As a genre defining novel, Dracula has been adapted in many Hollywood films, for TV, and even radio.  

Did you know Bram Stoker’s novel was originally titled Dracula: or the Un-Dead? He submitted it in a mix of his own handwriting and printed extracts, hastily put together. This allowed Stoker to protect his rights to his book.

Stoker’s attention to detail is unmistakable; he researched myths, places, and superstitions to the smallest detail, visiting many of the locations in his novel. Gruesome and ingenious, Stoker’s Dracula is a terrifying tale that has terrified many generations and inspired many stories.

This is a Touring Consortium Theatre Company production, in association with Ewing Entertainment and Everyman Theatre Cheltenham.

Warning: Age guidance; 16+, contains strong themes, blood and gore, not advised for the faint hearted.

Book today, if you dare, to watch this stunning performance.

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*Main image courtesy of Touring Consortium Theatre Company.