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Grand Ambassador Review – Into The Hoods: Remixed


Written by Charlotte Bee (Grand Ambassador)

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The set looks amazing, and the show cleverly uses projections to help narrate the storyline running throughout the show, and starts with introducing each main character with them showing off their dance styles with brilliant routines, giving a first glimpse on the unique twist they have managed to turn the traditional fairy tale characters into.

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Each character from the lost kids of the show, one just 16, to the oldest cast member playing the landlord, all prove that they all deserve to be on that stage with them all holding their own and showing that there is not a weak member of the bunch.

Spinderella (Lucinda Wessels), Lil Red (Natasha Gooden) and the Wolf’s (Duwane Taylor) moves stole the show for me, and the Prince (Daryl Baker), Rap-on-Zel (Rhea Thompson Williams) and Fairy Gee’s (Annie Edwards) characters kept me laughing, keeping me entertained the whole way through.

With a captivating storyline of a fairy tale, but with a relatable, alternative and current edge, it is unique and refreshing to see a dance company such as ZooNation pull off bringing hip hop to a bigger crowd, and will definitely inspire all who come to see it.


The amount of raw talent coming from the cast of professional dancers, it is no surprise to me that Kate Prince and ZooNation managed to create a show that became the first ever hip-hop dance show in the West End and one of the longest running shows in West End History. For a musical led by hip hop dance, the comedy aspect was just as hilarious as the dancing is faultless, with roars of laughter from the crowd throughout the show, proving the performers are just as brilliant at acting and expressing through their faces, as well as they are at expressing through their bodies.

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The finale gave another opportunity for each artist to have another moment to shine with the focus solely on them, each performing their own individual styles, ranging from locking, whacking and house, to breaking and krumping, and at the end of the show, the performers received a standing ovation, the fastest I have ever seen an audience rise to their feet.


Then, yet again proving that it isn’t your usual theatre show, it ends with the whole audience dancing along with the cast having as much fun as the dancers on stage. Is it any wonder people come out feeling excited about this!

Written by Charlotte Bee (Grand Ambassador)

Zoonation: Into The Hoodz
Grand Theatre Blackpool

Tuesday 1 March 2016 to Wednesday 2 March 2016
Evenings 7.30pm, Wednesday Matinee 2.30pm

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