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Before You Visit

Before You Visit

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We want to make sure you have all the potential information you need before you visit, making it as enjoyable as possible.


Most of us like to plan ahead, here’s a few things that are good to know, or be aware of before you visit including: Virtual tour of the building (get to know before your visit, great for people with accessible needs), roadwork information, security information, our admittance policy.


We hope we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find out the information you need before you visit. We have many ways to contact us;


  • call us 01253 290 190 (if you’re calling re lost property call 01253 290 111)
  • use our online Contact Us tab (bottom right of your screen)
  • use our Social Media channels (we’re easy to find on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • email us at
  • to contact a particular department visit the Contact Us section


Box Office opens Monday to Saturday at 10am. Closed on Sundays (on performance days, we open at 12noon). Box Office closes 15mins after a show starts. The first Tuesday of the month we open at 11am for staff training.





For information on Blackpool discover more at See their great 24hr and 48hr guides to Blackpool. Blackpool Tower and Circus, Pleasure Beach Resort, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Grundy Art Gallery and so much more!


Blackpool is home to a jaw-dropping year-round programme of events, you can be sure that whenever you visit the resort, there will be something to keep you entertained. Whether you love the uplifting sight of aircraft flying overhead at the iconic Blackpool Air Show, or the electrifying and magical cycle ride through a sneak preview of the Illuminations for Ride the Lights, get set to be wowed at Blackpool’s biggest weekend attracting tens of thousands of people – the famous Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On.


Blackpool's Grand Theatre is a partner of CultureBlackpool, whos aim is to help promote Blackpool’s back story of architecture, heritage, exhibitions, internationally acclaimed installations and events to its 142,000 residents and 18 million visitors.