Blackpool Grand Theatre

Recruitment Process

Blackpool’s Grand Theatre recruitment process follows a set procedure;



Review job description and person specification

  • Prior to advertising a position, we will ensure that the job description and person specification are up-to-date and in an accessible format.


  • Recruitment advertisements are placed on our website, on our social media, and at times on external job listing sites and in selected arts media.
  • The theatre reserves the right to re-advertise the position if no suitable candidate is found.


  • A scoring sheet will be developed based on the criteria set out in the job description and person specification.
  • A short-listing panel will select the candidates for interview using these criteria.


  • For most positions, interviews will be held as soon as practical, ideally within two weeks of the application closing date.
  • A second interview will be held 1-2 weeks later if required (for a supervisor/manager position).
  • A third interview will be held 1-2 weeks following this if required (for a senior manager position).
  • Interviews will be carried out by an interview panel who have been selected due to their knowledge and understanding of the department and job role that is being recruited for. Interview panels will usually include the department manager.
  • Interviews will not be carried out by a single staff member.
  • Interviews will be scored using a scoring sheet.
  • Following an interview, it can take up to 14 days for a decision to be made (candidates will be informed if it is going to take longer).
  • We aim to provide feedback following all interviews, upon request.


  • Where possible, successful candidates will be notified by phone/email.
  • Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email.
  • Related documentation will be forwarded to the successful candidate, references will be followed up, and start-date agreed.


If you would like to talk to us call 01253 290 111, alternatively email


Download the Recruitment Policy