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Culture Blackpool is all about showcasing Blackpool’s back story of architecture, heritage, exhibitions and internationally acclaimed installations and events to its estimated 139,000 residents and to its 18 million visitors.


A collaboration between VisitBlackpool, LeftCoast, Grand Theatre, Blackpool Council, Arts & Cultural Services including the Grundy Art Gallery.


The project was originally funded by Arts Council England.The project is championed by movie, theatre, music, art and TV greats such as John Robb, Alfie Boe, Little Boots and lots more, they have each revealed what they love about Blackpool and what they see as Blackpool’s ‘B/side’.


John Robb, award winning music journalist explains,


Blackpool is a creative town with a thriving culture and now I am an ambassador, I can portray ‘my’ Blackpool and highlight the DNA that underpins the town’s glory and glamour.



The ‘B/Side’, part of CultureBlackpool’s approach, is a positive and confident message about everyday culture in Blackpool from opera to knitting, carnivals to light art, from the architecture to fish & chips. It’s the bonus track — the alternative, hip, experimental and for some the lesser known, unexpected Blackpool that excites, engages and inspires.


Have a look around, you might see something differently that you haven’t thought about before.



Since the 1800s, Blackpool has been Britain’s most popular resort. With entertainment at the heart of our beloved Blackpool, our seaside town has been synonymous with fun-filled and action-packed adventures, it’s easy to forget the back story, the culture that lies beneath, above and beyond.