Blackpool Grand Theatre

Apply To Be A Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in our volunteering program. We are currently on a temporary pause but will resume recruiting volunteers near the festive season. Please check back soon for updates.


We are very excited to be relaunching the volunteer scheme at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool. The new volunteer scheme is designed to give us a streamlined approach to the operations at the theatre.


We are currently retraining a new cohort of staff and are keen to recruit volunteers to complement our approach to customer service at the venue.


Find out more about being a Volunteer on our Volunteering Options section.


Below you will find a new role description along with some useful information about our fresh approach to volunteering in our Volunteer Handbook.


We invite you to take a look at the opportunities that we have available and consider applying to join the volunteer scheme.


All applicants are being invited to a 2 hour session where we can give you an understanding of the requirements of being a volunteer at the theatre and help us to assess your suitability for the role. We look forward to receiving your completed application form.


Apply now

If you would like to apply simply click this LINK and complete the online form.


Download our Volunteer Role Description July 2022

Download our Volunteer Handbook.


For all enquiries please email


Check out the poem created by one of our Volunteers.
Find out more about Blackpool's Grand Theatre in our Access video.