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There are few who would argue that climate change is happening. The evidence of environmental breakdown is coming into ever-sharper focus, from extreme weather events to widespread loss of species.


Whether you believe this is completely – or only partially – down to human behaviour, no one can deny that pollution and its effects have worsened since the start of the industrial revolution.


Theatre, like all industries, has an environmental impact: we host work that is inherently temporary; that makes use of raw materials, of heat, light and sound; that asks large groups of people to travel to a location at a particular time.


However, we believe theatre can also be part of the solution. We shape culture and encourage empathy and understanding. Our industry is made up of creative and inspiring people who are motivated to instigate change.


Sustainability – We have already made significant progress towards reducing the carbon impact of Blackpool Grand. The scale of the change required means we are already examining every part of the way we operate.


We are on track to achieve our goal of taking us to carbon neutrality within ten years.


Our Sustainability Commitments;


  • To embed environmental sustainability in Blackpool Grand Theatre’s practice
  • To implement annual carbon reduction actions
  • To report on our progress annually
  • To share our experience and learn from others within the wider sector



Monitoring and Reporting


Our Sustainability Policy and Action Plan is reviewed on an annual basis and updated as necessary. The policy is continuously evaluated through environmental monitoring and measurement.


Our Sustainability areas of focus:




Staff: we empower our staff to examine their own practice and decision making with ideas for change filtering throughout Blackpool Grand Theatre.


Audiences: we also try to help audiences and visitors to understand and minimise their pollution and carbon footprint when visiting us.




Our building: we have significantly improved the efficiency of our 125-year-old building, reducing energy, waste and water carbon impact by 29% since 2015. We will continue to set ambitious targets to move towards net carbon zero.


Read our Sustainability Policy.