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Creative Learning Programme


Creative Learning Programme

The Creative Learning Programme at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre is a collection of many different projects.

Below are just a small selection of the projects the Creative Learning Team working alongside Touring Companies, Actors, Choreographers and other specialists work on.

If you are interested in any of these projects please contact the Creative Learning Team here.


Arts Award

Arts Award offers young people an inspiring arts journey. Arts Award’s unique qualifications support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The programme develops their creativity, leadership and communication skills. Through working towards an award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment.

Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England.

For further information on how you can participate in a Grand Theatre Arts Award please contact the Creative Learning Programme, Jo Cleasby joc@blackpoolgrand.co.uk or call 01253 290190.


RSC Associate Schools Programme

The RSC Associate Schools Programme is a new partnership programme with regional theatres and schools across England.

The RSC Associate Schools Programme builds on the success of the Learning and Performance Network (LPN) which celebrated its ten year anniversary in July 2016.

Over the past 10 years the LPN has worked in long term partnership with 507 schools, 11 regional theatres (of which Blackpool’s Grand is one), 1,320 teachers and reached an estimated 690,000 students.

“100% of surveyed hub and cluster school teachers reported that participation in the LPN programme had enhanced their skills, knowledge and confidence in the teaching of Shakespeare.” LPN evaluation report

For further information on how you can participate in RSC Associate Schools programme please contact the Creative Learning Programme, Jo Cleasby, joc@blackpoolgrand.co.uk or call 01253 290190.

Grand Community Chorus


‘I feel better for singing’…join The Grand Community Chorus.

As the Grand Theatre puts on many musical shows throughout the year, we would also like you to get involved and share our passion of Music.

The focus of the Chorus is on fun and positive mental wellbeing. The Grand has trained dementia friends staff, and welcomes everyone…

The Grand Community Chorus meets weekly and is a place to meet new friends, sing popular songs and is open to everyone who would like to sing for the joy of it.

Join us from: Tuesday 25th September 1.30 – 3pm in the Studio Theatre.

The Grand Community Chorus sings in a respectful, enjoyable and good-humoured environment who benefit from signing together as a group.

Now for the Science part,

Oxford University research has shown;

  • Singing exercises the brain as well as the body, and is particularly beneficial for improving breathing, posture and muscle tension.
  • Singing has been shown to be effective in pain relief, too, due to the release of neurochemicals such as β-endorphin(a natural painkiller responsible for the “high” experienced after exercise).
  • Music can play a role in sustaining a healthy immune system, by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the Immunoglobin A antibody.

Music is already used as a therapy for the relief of mental illness, breathing conditions and language impairment. Everyone can sing – meaning it is one of the most accessible forms of music making, too. Song is a powerful therapy.

  • Regular choir members report that learning new songs is cognitively stimulating and helps their memory, and it has been shown that singing can help those suffering from dementia, too.
  • The satisfaction of performing together, even without an audience, is likely to be associated with activation of the brain’s reward system, including the dopamine pathway, which keeps people coming back for more.

The psychology of singing

  • Singing has also been shown to improve our sense of happiness and wellbeing. People feel more positive after actively singing than they do after passively listening to music or after chatting about positive life events. It is likely to be influenced by changes in our sense of social closeness with others.
  • Our social connections can play a vital role in maintaining our health – a good social network, for example, can have more health benefits than giving up smoking. Singing can improve health by expanding our social group, leading to our sense of increased community and belonging.
  • It provides an inclusive and cost-effective means of combating the disintegration of communities that is becoming endemic in many societies today.

So whether you’re more into Chamber music, the Beatles or Frozen singalongs, The Grand Community Chorus could prove the perfect way to improve your health, well-being, and social life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact philf@blackpoolgrand.co.uk to book your place and come and join us.


Grand Young Company

The Grand young Company are a performance based after school group that meet every Wednesday night between 6 to 8 pm in TheSTUDIO theatre at The Grand. It was set up for Young People between the age of 14 to 26 who are interested in building their performance skills.

Being part of the Grand Young Company, our young people will have;

  • the opportunity to perform in The Studio and on the Main Stage
  • gain a Bronze or Silver arts award certified by Trinity College London
  • the opportunity to do performance based projects linked to the theaters programme, working with different directors, artists and musicians throughout the course of the year.

For further information on how you can participate in a Grand Theatre Arts Award please contact the Creative Learning Programme, Phill Fairhurst, philf@blackpoolgrand.co.uk or call 01253 290190.


Junior Artists

The Grand Theatre Blackpool has launched its Junior Artists Programme.

This is an Arts and Resilience 2 year programme supported by Curious Minds, Ragdoll, Blackpool Schools partnership and Headstart.

It aims to use storytelling, song and design to explore and understand resilience. The Junior Artists will participate in the creative process to build new positive relationships and skills, giving them ownership and a voice.

For further information on how you can participate in a Grand Theatre Arts Award please contact the Creative Learning Programme, Phill Fairhurst, philf@blackpoolgrand.co.uk or call 01253 290190.

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