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Dazzling drag show Death Drop is Back In The Habit at Blackpool Grand!

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Do you dare miss the killer comedy Death Drop: Back In The Habit at Blackpool Grand Theatre in January 2023…

Condragulations! Death Drop is back and it’s better than ever!

Sashay to Blackpool Grand Theatre for the wickedly funny West End comedy Death Drop: Back In The Habit from Tuesday 3 to Saturday 7 January 2023.

It’s the divinely hilarious drag murder mystery that ‘nun’ of you expected…


Death Drop Cheryl Louis


Illustrious drag queen Cheryl Hole and drag king superstar LoUis CYfer will lead an all-drag cast in this killer West End comedy.

Legendary drag queens and stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race including River Medway and Victoria Scone lead an all-drag cast in this murder mystery comedy.

Following three sold-out West End runs, the smash-hit Dragatha Christie sensation Death Drop is back! The delightfully daft drag murder mystery is returning with a brand-new show: Death Drop: Back In The Habit written by Rob Evans and directed once again by Jesse Jones.

A gaggle of glamorous nuns are trapped in their convent with a serial slayer slashing their way through the Sisters in this fantastic, all new follow up to the five-star West End phenomenon. As the clues are cleverly unearthed by Sis Marple, you’ll be laughing in the pews as this fabulously fierce, all-drag killer comedy comes to its thrilling conclusion.

Creative Director and Producer Christopher D. Clegg said: “We cannot wait to sashay onto the road again with the next chapter in the ridiculous Death Drop saga, this time with a flock of fabulous drag NUNS! Audiences are in for a real treat as this hilarious comedy puts a whole new spin on murder, religion and of course Drag. You will NOT want to miss this outrageous show.”

Top TV series such as Ru Paul’s Drag Race have brought the amazing art of drag into the mainstream and with it some of the wonderfully colourful terminology used in drag culture. Some terms already existed in the drag world, while others have originated from the ever-popular reality shows.

Death Drop


Here’s our handy drag talk guide to get you ready for your extraordinary night with Death Drop:

  • BGB/Bye Girl Bye – A term used when one drag queen is annoyed by another
  • Death Drop – A dance move where a queen dramatically falls back into a stroke pose, usually at the end of lip-syncing to a song
  • Dragmother – An established drag queen who mentors a new queen (her ‘daughter’) how to get started; many queens use the same last name as their drag mother, creating family lineages, sometimes called houses ie as in hit BBC drama Pose• Eleganza Extravaganza – A showcase of a drag queens finest and most fashionable clothing and wigs
  • Fierce – Extremely well put together, well-performed, fashionable, beautiful ie “Her make-up looked fierce.” “Her lip sync performance was fierce.” Used positively and high praise in the drag world
  • Garage Doors – One solid colour of eyeshadow that’s heavily applied over the entire lid and up to the eyebrow
  • Meryl Streep Realness – Serious acting, instead of going big during a performance, acting more reserved
  • Shade – an insult or negative comment
  • Spilling The Tea – Sharing gossip


‘Shante away’ to Blackpool Grand this February! The dazzling Death Drop promises to be an ‘eleganza extravaganza’ of a show that absolutely slays… Book your seats now!

Don’t forget! Show tickets to Blackpool Grand Theatre make the perfect Christmas gift! It’s never too early to start shopping! Slip Death Drop tickets into their stocking this festive season


Death Drop: Back in the Habit is at Blackpool Grand Theatre from Tuesday 3 to Saturday 7 January 2023 at 8pm. Friday & Saturday at 5.30pm and 8.30pm. Tickets from £15.50 with concessions available.

Please call the Box Office on 01253 290190 or visit for full listings, bookings and further information

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