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Glory Days of Live Music at The Grand!

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Get ready for Dancing in the Dark as live music takes centre stage at Blackpool Grand Theatre led by The Boss himself in the electrifying Sound of Springsteen this May.

Sound of Springsteen 2

Say Thank You For The Music at Blackpool Grand Theatre with a whole host of magnificent live music shows on offer all the way through 2024.

The Boss leads the way as The Sound of Springsteen roars back down Thunder Road on Wednesday 29 May to bring the greatest hits and deep cuts of rock legend Bruce Springsteen. Celebrate 40 years since the iconicBorn in the USAalbum was first released as this outstanding show brings Bruce’s iconic sound to life, taking you on a musical journey through his incredible catalogue, from Greetings from Asbury Parkto 2020’s Ghosts via all the legendary hits. Whether you’re a lifetime Springsteen fan or discovering his incredible music for the first time, you will be captivated by the thundering guitars, iconic saxophone and powerful lyrics that defined generations. Experience the legacy of The Boss and rock the night away with the authentic Springsteen experience!

Or why not snap up tickets for more not-to-be-missed nights of live music all the way through June – from riotous Rock and the glorious creativity of David Bowie to the sheer poetry of Simon & Garfunkel and the return of the sensational songs of The Carpenters. You’ll feel on Top of The World!

The Best of Queen bring A Kind of Magic on Friday 7 June with The Break Free Tour from Majesty, the UK’s biggest Queen tribute band. Join Freddie, Brian, Roger and John once more on a magical journey celebrating the music and showmanship of the UK’s favourite rock band. Guaranteed to Blow your Mind!


The Red Hot Chilli Pipers blast into the Grand on Saturday 8 June with their ground-breaking fusion of traditional Scottish music and rock/pop anthems they proudly call ‘Bagrock’. Bagpipes with attitude and infectious feelgood music including top tracks Insomnia, Thunderstruck, Fix You, Don’t Stop Believin’ and Tom Walker’s Leave a Light On.

It’s Yesterday Once More as outstanding vocalist Claire Furley and talented Musical Director Phil Aldridge perfectly re-create Richard Carpenter’s original orchestral arrangements in The Carpenters Story on Sunday 9 June in a musical journey through the glittering career of pop’s most famous brother and sister duo.

Bowie Live is an unrivalled portrayal of David Bowie’s music and live performance on Tuesday 11 June that will transport you through space and time to the incredible Bowie shows we all dreamed of seeing from Space Oddity to Lazarus. Be a Rebel Rebel once more.

The Glenn Miller and Big Band Spectacular swings in with style on Wednesday 12 June with the Moonlight Serenade Orchestra UK to showcase the music that filled the dancehalls during the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Million seller numbers from Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra are beautifully brought to life by a 16-piece big band fronted by charismatic bandleader Kevin Cunningham.

Take a Bridge Over Troubled Water on Thursday 13 June for The Simon and Garfunkel Story about two young boys from Queens, New York, who went on to become the world’s most successful music duo of all time. Using state of the art video projection, incredible lighting and a full live band, this powerful concert features all the hits from Mrs Robinson, Homeward Bound and Scarborough Fair to The Boxer and many more.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash back in time on Thursday 27 June with The Simon and Garfunkel Story. Relive all the classic hits in a high-energy concert in the company of Mick and the boys, complete with awesome production, the finest musicians and the world’s No.1 Mick Jagger lookalike Paul Ashworth.  It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, but we like it!

Have Simply the Best night out on Saturday 29 June as Steve Steinman’s brand-new show Love Hurts brings all your favourite Power Ballads and Anthems and features a powerhouse cast of amazing singers, dancers and a seven-piece live band. Including tracks from Heart, Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Tina Turner, Boston, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Rainbow, Europe and many more.

Not playing all your tunes? The Grand’s glorious gig guide continues right throughout 2024 with something for every music lover:

Twist and Shout with The Upbeat Beatles on Sunday 14 July; Roll Over Beethoven as ELO Again pay tribute to the wonderfully crafted songs of Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra on Sunday 25 August; Some Guys Have All the Luck – The Rod Stewart Story on Sunday 8 September; you’ll be Beggin’ for more with Bye Bye Baby – Celebrating Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons on Thursday 19 September, and Elvis is IN the building as the one and only Ben Portsmouth returns with his jaw-dropping This is Elvis show on Sunday 29 September. Thank you very much…

Anything for love

Steve Steinman brings another Dead Ringer of a night out with Anything for LoveThe Meatloaf Story on Saturday 5 October; all you need is the magical music of Motown with Dancing in The Streets on Sunday 13 October; The Bon Jovi Experience are Livin’ On a Prayer on Sunday 20 October with their 30th Anniversary Tour; multi-platinum selling vocal harmony group The Overtones bring back The Good Times on Wednesday 13 November; slip on your sunglasses and join Jake and Elwood in the Chicago Blues BrothersRESPECT Tour on Friday 15 November, and say Hello Again to a musical icon in A Beautiful Noise – The Definitive Neil Diamond Tribute on Sunday 17 November.

Music has long been recognised for its therapeutic and emotional benefits.

Here are TEN REASONS why music is good for personal wellbeing:

  1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Listening to music can lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, leading to reduced anxiety and stress.
  2. Improves Mood: Music can trigger the release of dopamine, the brain’s ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter, which can enhance mood and create feelings of happiness and pleasure.
  3. Enhances Cognitive Performance: Background music can improve focus and productivity in tasks that require mental effort, boosting cognitive performance.
  4. Encourages Physical Activity: Upbeat music can motivate you to exercise and make physical activity more enjoyable, improving overall physical health.
  5. Improves Sleep Quality: Listening to calming music before bed can help you fall asleep faster, improve sleep quality, and promote more restful sleep.
  6. Strengthens Memory: Music has been shown to help with memory recall. Melodies and rhythms can serve as cues that trigger the retrieval of stored memories.
  7. Boosts Immunity: Music can enhance the immune response by increasing the production of antibodies and reducing levels of stress-related hormones.
  8. Fosters Social Connections: Music can bring people together, whether through shared musical tastes, group activities, or attending concerts, enhancing social bonds and reducing feelings of loneliness.
  9. Provides Emotional Release: Music can be a powerful tool for expressing and processing emotions, offering an outlet for feelings that might be difficult to articulate with words.
  10. Enhances Overall Wellbeing: Regular engagement with music can lead to long-term improvements in emotional balance, self-awareness, and resilience, contributing to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Grab your tickets now for fabulous feelgood nights out at The Grand and say Thank You For The Music!

Please call the Blackpool Grand Theatre Box Office on 01253 290190 or visit for full listings, bookings and further information on all our live music events.

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