Introducing… Frank, The Reindeer – It’s a Theatrical Christmas Tale!

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Blackpool Grand Theatre is thrilled to unveil its most innovative Christmas marketing campaign to date, ‘A Theatrical Christmas Tale’ featuring the extraordinary AI-generated character Frank, The Reindeer!

Frank The Raindeer


The Grand’s lovable new four-hooved friend is a delightful and heartwarming creation that celebrates the digital advancement of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and the Chat GPT language tool, alongside the live creative genius of a team of talented marketers and gifted animators.

Frank, The Reindeer can now be seen gracing the streets of Blackpool with larger-than-life marketing displays and messages for locals and tourists alike, bringing his whimsical charm to the landscape of the town through state-of-the-art digital displays, life-size photo boards, animated features on local transport TV screens and online, and a whole series of captivating Christmas stories.

But who is Frank? This endearing relative of Santa’s famous reindeer Rudolph possesses a unique personality that blends a passion for the theatre, love, and friendship, with an insatiable love for salted caramel ice cream! He is an ardent theatre enthusiast who is named after Blackpool Grand Theatre’s very own famously flamboyant architect Frank Matcham and is already enchanting the hearts of locals and tourists alike by taking ‘centre stage’ in The Grand’s Christmas campaign as the curtain rose on this year’s fabulous family pantomime Aladdin.

The Grand’s groundbreaking Ai campaign ‘A Theatrical Christmas Tale’ also promises a wide array of enchanting experiences to continue throughout the festive season, including the introduction of Frank’s favourite Salted Caramel flavour ice cream (from Marshfield Farm Ice Cream) available at The Grand exclusively during the Aladdin pantomime. Frank will also of course be popping up in the audience at Blackpool’s No.1 pantomime, Aladdin, to add a touch more magic to this beloved theatrical tradition.

Blackpool Grand Theatre Chief Executive, Adam Knight, expressed his excitement about the campaign, saying:

“We are thrilled to welcome Frank, The Ai-generated Reindeer, to Blackpool. Frank’s passion for the theatre and of course, his favoured salted caramel ice cream perfectly aligns with the spirit of our beloved town. We believe this campaign will captivate the hearts of Blackpool residents and visitors and make for a truly unforgettable Christmas season at Blackpool Grand Theatre.”

Head of Audiences, Marketing and Sales, Andrew Howard, added:

“This campaign has been a huge team effort and a passion project which grew and grew as we all fell in love with ‘Frank, The Reindeer’. Our aim was to create a campaign that adds to the amazing work of our SEO writers, voiceover team, graphic designers, animators, digitals and many more creatives involved. We wanted to give them more expression and use the very latest in technology to show just what is possible with ‘great heart and love’ in the festive season! We know you’ll fall in love with Frank, and his stories as much as we have!”

Frank The Raindeer

Frank, the Reindeer: A Theatrical Christmas Tale

In the enchanting world of the North Pole, where the freshly fallen snow glistens like a million diamonds and the air is filled with the sweet melody of jingling bells, there lives a reindeer named Frank. Frank is a distant relative of the famous Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, but unlike his fellow flying friends, Frank has always been a little different from the rest of the herd.

While his fellow reindeer spend their days training for Santa’s annual sleigh ride, Frank’s big heart beats to a different rhythm. His true passion lies not in pulling sleighs, but in the wonderful world of theatre and performance. Frank dreams of treading the boards and captivating audiences with his cheeky charisma and sky-high talent. He often finds himself daydreaming about taking centre stage, bathed in the spotlight’s warm glow.

One chilly winter morning, Frank made a bold decision. He knew that it was time to follow his heart and pursue his dreams. Leaving the reindeer herd behind, he set out on a journey to find a place where his passion for the stage could be realised. His adventure led him to the dazzling seaside town of Blackpool, its world-famous Illuminations, and where the legendary stage lights of the Blackpool Grand Theatre beckoned to him like stars in the night sky. Frank knew he’d found his new home. The Grand welcomed him with open arms, offering him a cosy spot to stay right within its beautiful historic walls.

Frank also quickly discovered his love of salted caramel ice cream, a sweet indulgence that became his favourite treat while staying at The Grand. And as he wandered Blackpool’s vibrant streets, he made new friends with the kind and welcoming Blackpool donkeys that are a beloved part of the resort’s seaside tradition.

But Frank’s true joy came when he found out about Blackpool’s No.1 pantomime, Aladdin, at The Grand, which stars none other than the incredible Steve Royle (a Britain’s Got Talent Finalist and comic genius) and the talented Tom Lister, known for his performances in the West End and on the popular TV show, Emmerdale. Frank couldn’t wait to see the boys in action. He’d heard it would truly be a magical experience, and he hoped to meet Tom and Steve, who were not only stars but also fellow lovers of The Grand stage.

As the Christmas season approached, Frank eagerly anticipated sharing the holiday spirit with the beautiful and friendly families of Blackpool. He was excited to see the town come alive with fabulous festive decorations, cheerful carollers, and the joyful laughter of children. Frank’s huge heart swelled with anticipation as he dreamed of bringing a touch of ‘North Pole magic’ to Blackpool. With a heart full of dreams, a new-found love for the seaside and his donkey friends, and, of course, a belly full of salted caramel ice cream, Frank the Reindeer was ready to embark on an adventure in Blackpool, spreading joy and enchantment wherever he went.

Frank The Raindeer

So, if you happen to visit Blackpool during the holiday season, keep an eye out for a rather special reindeer with a flair for the dramatic, and perhaps be part of a Christmas story like no other – the tale of Frank the Reindeer, the newest magical star of the Blackpool Grand Theatre.

Hoof it to The Grand this Christmas to join in all the festivities and share your experiences with Frank using the hashtag #FrankInBlackpool. If you see him, snap a picture and share it with us tagging @FrankInBlackpool. Discover more about Frank, The Reindeer HERE

Click HERE or a series of enchanting video tales this Christmas

Aladdin the pantomime is at Blackpool Grand Theatre until Monday 1 January 2024 with matinee and evening performances starring Tom Lister (Emmerdale) as Abanazar; Steve Royle (Britain’s Got Talent) as Wishee Washee; Ben Harlow as Widow Twankey; Moo Yi Kim as Princess Jasmine; Mervin Noronha as Aladdin; Liam Morris as the Genie; Amy Perry as Spirit of The Ring and Michael Robert-Lowe as the Emperor.

Tickets are selling fast with some performances already offering very limited availability.

Please call the Box Office on 01253 290190 or click here for bookings and further information. Tickets from £15. Family tickets, group and school rates are available.

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