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Top Christmas Traditions to Revive

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Top Christmas Traditions to Revive – This year will be the first time many families have been able to properly get back together since COVID-19 hit and we want to ensure we make this year a great one!

While you may have had smaller family get-togethers, Christmas is the big one and making this one extra special makes perfect sense. There are many traditions that families hold dear in the Christmas period, and some have become less popular or recognised in the last few years. Here we’re looking at some Christmas traditions we’d love to be back in style, and we hope you agree.


Top Christmas Traditions to Revive

Blackpool Ice Skating Ring
Blackpool’s new Sea Front Skating Ring. Image: Blackpool Gazette


Get your skates on, Blackpool’s First Outdoor Skating Rink

The huge rink, spanning 40 metres in length, is the sparkling centrepiece of our Christmas By The Sea village. Standing in the shadow of the iconic Blackpool Tower, the synthetic rink is free to use for both residents and visitors and includes free skate hire.

The rink caters for all ages and skating levels, making it the perfect family-friendly activity this winter.  Each skating session will last 40 minutes with 10 minutes either side to change your skates. The Glice rink can accommodate up to 60 skaters per session and there will be a designated changing facility and skate aids available.

Prefer to watch on the side or take a break? Head to the cosy cabins next to the changing facility and warm up with a mulled wine or hot chocolate. There will be an exclusive area to sit down. Afterwards, explore the rest of the Christmas By The Sea family-friendly event, including a magical forestChristmas cabinssimulated snowfalls, and Magical Express Tours.
Find out Skating Rink times.


Swiss Hot Chocolates… and Log Cabin Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a German tradition that has taken the world by storm.

The Coronavirus pandemic put pay to many places running their markets last year, but this year, they’re back. Originating in Dresden, the first-ever Christmas market was held in 1434 and every major town and city across the UK is now proud to host its own markets.

It makes a wonderful day out for the whole family. You can enjoy the unforgettable flavours of traditional mulled wine, bratwurst, and many sweet treats. While this is more of a European tradition than something we’ve always done in the UK, it has become a central part of many people’s Christmastimes.

Dont miss all the festive fun, head over to Manchester Market for all the latest information/events.


A Dip in the Sea

Up and down the UK, people get themselves up early on Christmas Day morning, dress in their preferred costume and throw themselves into the sea!

It’s definitely one of the quirkiest of Britain’s Christmas traditions but one which people simply cannot get enough of.

The tradition dates back to 1860, with the longest established Christmas swim organised by Brighton Swbimming Club. As early as 7 am you’ll spot swimmers heading out for their freezing cold dip, getting the big day started in their own unique way.

Always check Blackpool Tidal Times.


A Kiss under the Mistletoe?

The tradition of hanging mistletoe around the home dates back to the times of ancient Celtic Druids. It was said to bring good luck to the household, ward off evil spirits and even became viewed as a symbol of vivacity and fertility.

By the 18th century, it became part of the Christmas celebrations, with those links to vitality first resulting in the occasional smooch between servants in England, before the middle classes caught onto the tradition. There is no evidence of how this sacred herb became a Christmas decoration, but it’s something you’ll spot in many homes and a kiss or two may be requested. It’s up to you if you oblige!


Blackpool Pantomime Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs


Children and Adults Laughter, a Night at the Pantomime

The traditional British Christmas is not complete without a night at the panto. The sheer fun and audacity of the family-friendly shows ensure an unforgettable night for all who attend. At Blackpool’s Grand, we cannot wait to have audiences in to enjoy our 2021 pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Expect laughs, mischief, and something to keep every family member entertained. The tradition of panto never gets old and a combination of a hilarious cast, dazzling set design and sparkling costumes keeps all guests glued to their seats until the very end.

A traditional Christmas does not have to be strict and ordered. It can be whatever you want it to be and making your own family traditions can be just as much fun as trying out some of these true British classics.

Meta description: Christmas traditions are what make the festive period so much fun. Consider these top British traditions to revive in 2021 and make your Christmas one to remember.


Midnight Mass

Midnight ass on Christmas Eve is a tradition many people will be keen to return to in 2021. It’s a chance to reflect on the last year and many people who do not regularly attend church make sure to attend this annual event to celebrate the religious side of the festive period.

The Midnight Mass of more recent years has also incorporated carols and an extra chance to spend some time with family and friends before Christmas Day.


DIY Christmas Cards


A Handmade Christmas Cards

In an increasingly digital world, many of us are forgetting the joy of receiving a pile of beautifully designed and heartfelt Christmas cards.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is home to the world’s first printed Christmas card. It was sent in 1843 by John Calcott Horsley to his friend Sir Henry Cole. A little controversial, it depicts small children enjoying a glass of wine or two, a theme you should maybe avoid when choosing your cards this Christmas! Here are 30 enlegant original DIY Christmas Cards that will blow your mind.


Flicking the Switch, Christmas Lights Switch On

Almost every small town and village, as well as our major cities, has an event to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas lights.

It’s a great day out and a chance to get into the spirit of Christmas weeks before the big day. In the past local celebrities have taken to the stage to carry out the special task and they’ll surely be back this year.

Blackpool is particularly well known for its world-famous illuminations and this year they’re running already and throughout the whole Christmas period until January. You can also explore the rest of the Christmas By The Sea family-friendly event, including a magical forestChristmas cabinssimulated snowfalls, and Magical Express Tours.

Blackpool’s Grand will also be supporting Latyon Town 2021 Christmas light’s Switch On – Find out more


Christmas Food Mince Pie


Festive Food and Drink

Some of the foods we choose to eat at Christmas would be shunned the rest of the year, but we still love them. Brandy butter is one of those classic Christmas flavours we wouldn’t entertain at any other time. It is an essential part of any classic Christmas pudding.

Similarly, the fruity flavour of a mince pie has always been a staple at the British Christmas table. The first mince pies date back as far as the Middle Ages and were actually filled with minced meat as well as fruit. Thankfully this is no longer the case!

When it comes to Christmas dinner, no plate is complete without the dreaded Brussel sprouts. Everyone claims to hate them, but you can be sure there’d be complaints if the Christmas plate was served up without them. Equally, the thick and unusual flavour of bread sauce is something we all must have on our Christmas meal. Bread sauce has been a British staple since Medieval times and will remain so for as long as we keep spooning it out.

Need a mince pie recipie? Follow Jade Hardings article on the Which? Basic recipe for traditional mince pies and get tips from the best in baking; Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver and Paul Hollywood.


TV Specials

From Morecambe and Wise to Gavin and Stacey and not forgetting the trauma and tragedy of the soap opera Christmas storylines, sitting down for the Christmas TV specials is a tradition no family can forgo. Favourite characters we haven’t seen all year come back together and the build-up to these special programmes is something we can all enjoy.


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