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Why Children’s Theatre Is Important For Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Connect Comfort and Uplift

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Why Children’s Theatre Is Important… The theatre is always a wonderful experience for people of all ages. If you’re considering introducing your children to the theatre, there are a few steps you can take to make the visit more enjoyable.

There are many Blackpool shows to choose from at The Grand, and picking the right show will bring joy to your children and will make them want to experience more theatre plays.


Why Children Need Theatre

Children’s theatre is important for development and something that should be experienced at all ages. Children need the theatre to acquire vital life skills – and what better way to acquire them than to have fun while doing it?

  • Culture. The immersion provided by theatre plays allows children to gain an appreciation for people from all backgrounds and with all points of view. They can step into someone else’s shoes and gain empathy and cultural relativity.
  • Patience. Although potentially challenging, taking your children to the theatre will help them to engage with something entertaining that doesn’t constantly change. This provides lessons
  • Creativity. Creative thinking skills are vital for a wide range of professions, allowing for the creation of solutions to problems. These skills are needed for success in all industries and to make companies unique.
  • Imagination. Essential to create, play, think, and grow, theatre provides endless possibilities for children’s imaginations.
  • Communication. Theatre introduces new vocabulary and communication forms with acting, dance, and music that allows children to communicate in unique ways.

Children Drawing | Blackpool shows


Is the Show Age-Appropriate?

Similar to films, not all theatre shows are appropriate for children. There may be scary content or your children may prove to be a distraction for other theatergoers. Should you believe your children will struggle to stay engaged throughout the entire show, a matinee or an earlier showing are better alternatives.


It can be worth checking with our team at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool when you book your tickets to make sure the show has appropriate content for your children. Choosing the right show will ensure that your children’s first theatre visit is a positive one.

If you’re bringing a school group we have great guides to help planning.


Prepare Your Children

The theatre can provide a truly magical experience for children and adults alike, and it’s always a good idea to prepare your children before their visit. This will make sure that they aren’t too overwhelmed or even upset by the experience so that they can have fun and want to return.

Make sure to talk to them about what can be expected, such as how to behave in a theatre. Prepare them for surprising aspects of the experience – particularly if your children are still very young. But, above all, make sure they’re ready to have fun!


Expect the Unexpected

As a parent, you know how every day with your children is a brand-new day in which anything can happen – and a theatre visit is no different! Plan to arrive to the theatre approximately an hour and a half before the show starts to make sure that your children have time for the last bathroom visit.

We have full accessible guides and maps as well as a full video on our facilities.


Picking the Right Show

The theatre offers a wide range of productions for children of all ages, such as Fireman Sam, Dragons, and Mythical Beasts, Snow White and the Seven DwarfsPeppa Pig, and More.


Get in touch with our team to know more about our upcoming shows, to book your seats at the box office on 01253 290190, or to get information on our children’s theatre shows. You can ask for a copy of The Grand’s Family Friendly guide at the box office or by emailing us at


Blackpool Grand Theatre

Take a look at what’s on at Blackpool Grand Theatre this Autumn / Winter 21/22


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