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The Woman Is BACK

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The Woman Is BACK – The acclaimed ghost story by author Susan Hill, The Woman in Black, comes alive yet again through the ingenious stage adaptation of the late Stephen Mallatratt.

In its 32nd year in the West End, the play directed by Robin Herford represents a spectacular study in controlled horror, atmosphere, and illusion.


After The Mousetrap, the show is the second longest-running play in the West Went – a definite must-see!


It tightens its grip on the spectator like a medieval instrument of torture.

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How It Came To Be

Initially adapted to spend the rest of Director Robin Herford’s grant, The Woman in Black was born from his wish to give theatregoers a different play to watch during Christmas. He said: ‘I always feel sorry for adults at Christmas time if they don’t have kids of their own, they’re neglected theatrically.’


With only a thousand pounds for set and costume and enough budget for only four actors, his friend Stephen Mallatratt seemed to have his work cut out for him.



Thankfully, Mallatratt went to adapt the novel into the extraordinary version we see today. Two speaking parts only who can tell the story in an engaging and terrifying way. Premiering over Christmas 1987, a frightening success. The play made its way to London’s West End just two years later.


‘The Woman Is Back’ – Read 10 Facts you didn’t know?

1.) Mark Gatiss was first choice to write The Woman in Black

2.) The Woman in Black has been a stage play for 25 years

3.) The Woman in Black shares a creepy link with Saw

4.) Arthur Kipps should have been wearing a hat!

5.) The Woman in Black was most success horror film in UK

6.) Harry played same character as Harry’s Dad

7.) A Woman in Black is a horror film

8.) One reviewer really, really hated The Woman in Black

9.) The props were real antiques

10.) The Real Vampire Connection

Watch The Making of The Woman in Black 2012


Guaranteed to send shivers down your spine, a show you can’t miss.


20th to 25th September 2021 at Blackpool Grand Theatre


Make sure to get in touch with our Box Office on 01253 290190 to book your tickets or visit here.


Are you ready to be scared?

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