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Top 10 Elvis Songs

Choosing a list of Top 10 Elvis songs is almost doomed to displease. After all, there are so many options, so how do you narrow it down to just 10?! However, that just gives us plenty of options to choose from, so, whilst our list may not be comprehensive, it’s a place where you can guarantee finding (some of) “The King’s” best”. In no particular order, we have…


All Shook Up


Did You Know?

The origin of All Shook Up’s name is debated: the title could derive from a shaken bottle of Pepsi, from a time when Elvis woke from a dream (quite literally) all shook up, or simply a comment passed by the singer complimenting the phrase as being a good one for a refrain.


Blue Suede Shoes


Did You Know?

Elvis’s version of Carl Perkins’ song was performed a total of 3 times on national television.


Burning Love


Did You Know?

Burning Love was the last big hit Elvis achieved within his lifetime, and came at a time of his life when he was typically becoming more known for singing ballads.


Can’t Help Falling in Love


Did You Know?

Can’t Help Falling in Love was a regular closer for Elvis’ live performances, and was also the very last song that he ever performed live (Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, June 1977).


Heartbreak Hotel


Did You Know?

The lyrics of this song were inspired by the story of a lonely man, reported in the papers, who jumped from a hotel window to his death. It was the first of Presley’s singles to chart in the UK, despite the British music press receiving it with relatively little enthusiasm!


In the Ghetto


Did You Know?

This comeback hit in April 1969 registered Elvis’ first top 10 hit in the USA after a period of 4 years, and was similarly his first top 10 entry in the UK after a barren spell of 3 years.


Hound Dog


Did You Know?

Hound Dog was Elvis’ best-selling song, and typifies the great singer’s ability to take a song that had lost its popularity and invigorate it far beyond the appeal of the original. In fact, some argue that Elvis’ version shouldn’t be called a cover at all, as most listeners were ignorant of the original!


Jailhouse Rock


Did You Know?

A re-release of Jailhouse Rock reached number one in the UK (again) in 2005, and holds the distinction of selling the fewest copies of any number one in UK history.


Love Me Tender


Did You Know?

Elvis regularly did not perform the entirety of Love Me Tender at live performances, instead making use of the song as a device to interact with his audience (especially with female attendees).


Suspicious Minds


Did You Know?

Suspicious Minds was a cover of a Mark James song that is usually considered as something of a commercial failure. It went on to become one of Elvis’ last great hits (in fact, it was his final US number 1).