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Laugh Out Loud – UK’s Funniest Parent Bloggers

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We searched the web for the UK’s funniest parent bloggers, some of the funniest and true-to-life parent bloggers across the world wide web – and WOW!, what an incredible choice and talent there is out there!

Here at The Blackpool Grand we love our mums and dads and they love our Fantastic For Families programme of shows or our great Comics, but sometimes real life is the joy and brings some of the biggest laughs. Things we can all associate with; that thing you thought only your child did or said.

We wanted to highlight and celebrate the parent Influencers out there with an incredibly diverse set of skills and more so talent, as we said WOW what a find we made!


Funniest Parent Bloggers Creatives


These fantastic influencers will make you laugh-out-loud with their fantastically poised writing and stories. Grab 10, a brew, maybe a chocolate biscuit (my god not a chocolate rice cake! this is not the time!) and sit back and enjoy, it’s like they are reading your mind!


Funniest Parent Bloggers

Brummy Mummy of 2 |

Emma discloses stories of her everyday life with her keen fan base, she’s like you mummy BFF that can literally read your mind. Emma makes the most irritating and often insignificant moments of parenting laugh-out-loud, your mind simply going ‘yep, that’s me!’. She’s a tonic (ooops, pass the gin!) on those incredibly challenging days and can make you take a sigh of relief and make you feel a great interactive mum, and not the one pulling your hair out!


Absolutely Prabulous |

A British Asian, Prabs lives in beautiful Malta (yes, we know what your thinking already, but the sun doesn’t solve all problems!). Prabs speaks French to her kids and writes about marriage and motherhood, however, wait for it, ‘sarcasm’ is her key to life! One of her keys to the perfect life – cake, and medication, yep ok now we’re all getting on the same page! Her incredibly witty blogs are totally relatable, you’ll be transfixed, ‘another 5-minutes’ you’ll be telling yourself!


Mummy Muckups |

Anna describes herself as a highly qualified foot-in-mouth deliverer, sparkling tester, chocolate hider, under breath swearer and a mummy to two. An Aussie Melbourne mum Anna reveals her wins and disasters of everyday family life with her two children.


Funniest Parent Bloggers - Wall Art


So Happy In Town (S.H.I.T) |

A lifestyle and parenting blog for the S.H.I.T and proud! Susie who lives is living in London with her three children. Her Blog offers a place for all parents out there who know that as much as everything can seem tickety-boo and peachy-sweet at times, at others it can seem like a double helping of poo has been royally dolloped all over the place. Susie reminds us we’re all in it together.


Pass the Wine Please |

Mummy Malarkey reminds us that it was such a relief in those early days of sleep deprivation, poomageddon nappies and constant wailing (at least 80%) to read blog posts from other mothers and realise that not everyone was frolicking about blissfully in parks living the #blessedlifestyle, and that she wasn’t the only one adhering to the ‘trial and error / panic-induced midnight Googling’ approach to bringing up a child.

So, if you are looking for useful advice or definitive answers, she advises ‘probably try Google again’. But, if it’s soft-play horror stories and random CBeebies musings you’re in the right place! I mean how is Postman Pat still employed?! He has literally never delivered a letter on time…! A pure delight!


Whinge Whinge Wine |

Parenting, drinking wine and laughing at stuff – Writing about everyday family life Fran tells you the facts in her own hilarious, candid and matter-of-fact style. A mum of two, crap housewife, reluctant dog owner, wine enthusiast, tea drinker, and avid biscuit fan. Fran has two children; a very happy girly-girl aged six and a superhero, Lego and mud-loving five-year-old boy. Watch out for the picture captions!

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