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Jamie Morris and Tarot Joseph Q&A #GRANDpanto

Q: What I really want to know is do you do your own make up?

Jamie: Yes we both do our own make up, we have become so used to doing it ourselves it’s easier that way and we know exactly how we want it.

Taz: Yeah, we don’t ever do each other’s really, just our own.


Q: Do you enjoy doing it or has it become a chore?

Jamie: I don’t mind doing the make up so much, it doesn’t take as long as people think it does either. It’s putting the tights on that I don’t like.

Taz: Yeah the makeup only takes about 20 minutes we just whack it on.


Q: How will you encourage those boo’s from the audience?

Jamie: I think it’s the way we both play it. We get the audience really wound up first and then slam them back down by battering Cinderella and being absolutely horrible to her and I mean we have made kids cry.

Taz: Literally cry.

Jamie: Which sounds awful, but it means were doing our jobs right. It’s great that we can also bounce back from that with the comedy aspect of the role, they love to hate us but when they hate us they really, really do.


Q: Is it strange dressing in such extravagant outfits?

Taz: No. Strange? Not at all, the more outrageous the better. We design the costumes ourselves.

Jamie: Yes we have them made locally in Blackpool too.


Q: Who is your favourite panto villain?

Jamie: The Ugly Sisters.

Taz: Definitely, without a doubt.

Jamie: No other villain in any other panto has got a double act like it, it’s great.


Q: Do you have a role you haven’t done which you would love to play?

Jamie: The Wicked Queen, definitely.


Q: Do you work together often?

Jamie: Yes all the time.

Taz: We’re a double act, we come as a pair


Q: Do you still get nervous before going on stage?

Taz: I get a little nervous but I think nerves are a good thing, they keep you on your toes.

Jamie: Yeah, especially the opening night. You get a nervous, excited feeling which is wonderful. You have worked so hard rehearsing for two weeks and you just want to get on there and see the audience.


Q: Have you worked with Steve Royle before?

Taz: Yes, we’re used to Steve’s antics.

Jamie: It’s so great working with Steve. He’s such a generous comic and especially to us because we have comedy parts as well we can bounce off of him.


Q: What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Taz: I love the smells that come with Christmas, apple and cinnamon. Oh, and when the Christmas films come on those are my favourite things.

Jamie: Mine is Christmas day. Having family and friends around you and making it special.


Q: If you had your own Fairy God Mother what would you wish for?

Taz: World peace. Well that’s what they always say isn’t it?

Jamie: My own glass slipper!

Taz: What would you do with your own glass slipper?

Jamie: Well, then I wouldn’t be after Cinderella’s.


Interview by Grand Young Journalist Bethany Easton


See Jamie Morris and Tarot Joseph playing in Cinderella at The Blackpool Grand Theatre until 7 January 2018. You can still get your tickets on our website by clicking here. Or call up our Box Office on 01253 290190.