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Our Lancashire Coast Guide

The Lancashire coast has over 10 beaches all with something a little different to offer. From lively Blackpool entertainment to the upscale delights of Lytham St. Anne’s, the Lancashire coast can accommodate everything (and even more).

The coast is easily accessed by train, car, air and ferry. Just a few hours outside of London by train and close to major cities like Manchester, the coast accommodates long summer breaks as well as quick weekend getaways. Average hotel prices on the coast do vary. Places like Lytham St. Anne’s, being slightly more chic, have an average hotel price of around £50-60 per night. Staying on Blackpool’s seafront however, can cost you as little as £20 per night.

English beaches bring memories of the nuisance that is stony beaches and pebbles stuck in our shoes. The Lancashire coast sports many idyllic beaches with soft, sandy dunes against ornamental rock banks and mile-long stretches of a tranquil English backdrop.


Lord Street, Southport

By Small-town hero [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Our Lancashire Coast Guide… Southport


First of all we head to Southport. Nothing says English beach tradition quite like Southport. With the oldest iron pier in the country, recently restored, model train village and sandy terrain, Southport screams coastal retreat. The Southport Pier Tram rides along the coast and has views of the whole beach, neighbouring towns and coastlines. Southport is great for a stand-alone trip or a pleasant detour from the cities. Located 14 miles from Preston and 16 miles from Liverpool, it is easily accessed by road or train. Southport’s popularity has grown over the years and has easily become the go-to beach for Merseyside residents and beyond.


Blackpool tower from central pier ferris wheel

By zergo512 [BSD], from Wikimedia Commons

Our Lancashire Coast Guide… Blackpool


Of course, you can’t mention Lancashire and not Blackpool! Blackpool is the epicentre of down to earth, modern British fun on the Lancashire coast. The historic Blackpool promenade has all the features of a non-stop beach holiday. Blackpool provides countless restaurants, entertainment, shows at the Grand Theatre, waterparks and tourist attractions. All of which is centrally located on its coastline. Blackpool is a prime family holiday location. With tons of beach fun and resorts, for kids and adults alike, you’ll never have a dull moment.

The Blackpool coast is all about the view, hence most of the attractions are centred around the shore, whether you’re enjoying a nice meal, a walk on the Comedy Carpet, or high up in Blackpool Tower. Staying in Blackpool with a view of the Lancashire coast can cost as little as £20 per night. The array of guesthouses, boutique hotels and B’n’B’s, all centrally located on the promenade, are more than budget-friendly (check out our Blackpool Where To Stay). At night, Blackpool is set on fire with beautiful light display’s, enticing you into its ambient nightlife or chose from our selection of Where to Eat In Blackpool.



By Lupin (talk) (Uploads) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Our Lancashire Coast Guide… Morecambe


Morecambe Bay is the picturesque treasure of the Lancashire coast located in Lancaster. With it’s panoramic views of the bay and Lakeland Hills in the distance, Morecambe resembles something off a postcard. The promenade features the statue of legendary comedy icon, Eric Morecambe, looking out over the sea. Morecambe is known for its sightings of rare birds and other wildlife. Bring your binoculars whilst you enjoy some light refreshments amongst Morecambe’s many cafes and ice cream shops. Birdlife is rampant and easy to spot flying in the distance.

Morecambe’s Stone Jetty is the remains of Morecambe’s harbour that was built in 1853. Take a walk along the jetty at sunset and soak up the heritage. Morecambe features plush, golden sand along its coastline, perfect for walking barefoot after dipping a toe in the brisk sea.


St annes

By Thecamperman at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Our Lancashire Coast Guide… Lytham St. Anne’s


Another great spot is Lytham St. Anne’s; an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the Blackpool lifestyle. Located not 5 miles from Central Blackpool, it is said that the two could not be more different. On the surface, Lytham St. Anne’s has all the classic offerings of the Lancashire coast. Fish and chips by the sea, ice cream, entertainment, and even the occasional donkey ride. Lytham St. Anne’s, however, has a more tranquil atmosphere.

Attributed by the long stretch of golden sand and green open-air spaces. Home to Annual Open Golf Championships 11 times, Lytham is a wealthy town. It doesn’t rely on tourism but still reigns in crowds of many with the interests of old English past times. Boating and tennis at Fairhaven Lake, taking a stroll through Ashton Gardens, it’s classic, English relaxation with a twist.


Fwd Marina and Freeport Jul06

By Stevew2022 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Our Lancashire Coast Guide… Fleetwood (Marine Beach)


Finally, there is Marine beach. Marine beach is located in the small, amiable Lancashire coastal town of Fleetwood. What used to be an old fishing port, the newly renovated seafront overlooks the town of Morecambe. With sandy dunes and low tides, Marine beach is quaint and ideal for traditional coastal beach fun. Whether that be building sandcastles, going for a paddle or laying on the beach and watching the birds.

Kitesurfing is Fleetwood’s main attraction. Surf with the best of them along the coastline from Fleetwood to Cleveley’s beach for the ultimate experience.

With summer funfairs and colourful beach huts along the shore, Fleetwood has more to offer than fish. Located only 6 miles from Blackpool North, Marine beach is great for a day trip.




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