Safety First – Blackpool’s Grand Theatre is Good To Go! Awarded the nationally recognised Visit England “We’re good to go” and UK Theatre “See It Safely” standards we want to ensure our customers, visitors and employees are best protected.


UPDATE: As we enter a time of lockdown changes some restrictions may be raised. Please however always edge on the side of caution.


These new Industry Standards sets out that Blackpool Grand Theatre as a minimum meets UK Government and Public Health England Guidance on COVID-19, we believe we have taken further measures to ensure you have the safest visit and that high visual guidance is in place for our visitors and employees.


Blackpool Grand has implemented a whole new set of new Policies and Procedures ensuring we are safe for all visitors and employees. Learn about these new Policies and Procedures below. These covers: What we require from our visitors, Our new social distanced seating, One way/one entry system, Temperature checks and face coverings, Sanitary stations, e-Ticketing, Pre-arrival reminder emails and requirements around our Food/beverage offer.


As we are all aware the Government may change the rules following the ‘Roadmap’, Blackpool’s Grand will adapt to these new measures when advised and this could include some of the above-mentioned safety aspects being removed.


Also discover more about what we are doing including our Enhanced deep cleaning regime, Employee PPE, Free masks for visitors (if needed), being a cashless venue, and implementing any requirements of the UK Government Track and Trace system.


What we require of our visitors

  • Firstly, and most importantly if you feel unwell before arriving please do not visit, you must stay away from the venue. We will be temperature checking each visitor, employee and cast member before entry to the building. In an amendment to our standard Terms of Booking refunds or exchanges will be offered for those who become unwell after booking tickets or who are unfortunately turned away due to a temperature check. Please note the theatre’s decision is final (on a positive temperature check we will recheck with another device for confirmation before refusing admission).
  • We ask visitors to regularly use our sanitising stations on the entrances before entering the building, they are also provided at various points around the venue to top up.
  • We will always insist on visitors observing any visual set out social distancing measures when in the venue (once entrance is permitted you must head to your seat immediately).
  • We have set additional systems in place for all eventualities. The theatre will have a zero-tolerance policy in place for those not following COVID requirements.
  • Blackpool Grand will follow all UK Government guidelines, we ask that you assist our employees who are always there to give you the best experience and attention.


New seating/enhanced distancing

You will already be aware that we have limited the number of tickets available per performance. This may change if the UK Government removes social distancing measures within theatre venues. Seats that are not available will be easily identifiable. We aim to ‘more than’ meet the set requirements by the UK Government. We ask you not to move from your designated and allocated seating when requested, small children should not be allowed to move around.


Box Office / Ticket Collection

Our in-house box office is presently not available for booking tickets. We advise that customers book online in advance. Tickets will be available online up to two hours before the show start time. Tickets will be sent to your phone/email. Bookings will only be permitted by providing full contact details for the UK Government ‘Track & Trace’. All details will be held securely in accordance with GDPR.


Safety First – One way / One entry system

The theatre will have a one-way system in operation, please follow the clear signage and ensure you maintain social distancing as required and laid out. If you leave the building or seat, we cannot necessarily guarantee re-entry. In an emergency, we have specific plans in place and again we ask that you follow the instruction of our employees.


Temperature checks and face coverings

Upon arrival at the venue all guests will be temperature checked for the safety of all visitors, employees, and casts. Face coverings are mandatory at present but this may change, please ensure you have a face covering with you on your visit.


Hand sanitiser stations (non-touch)

Blackpool Grand will be providing non-touch hand sanitiser stations on all entrances and around the building for your convenience.



Tickets will be provided electronically when booking. For printed tickets we will have a designated collection station available should you wish to collect tickets.


Pre-arrival reminder emails

The theatre will send reminder e-mails of our new operation 7-10 days before your arrival. We kindly ask that you go through these advisory notes with your whole party so they know what to expect on your visit.



Blackpool Grand will not be offering a Food of Beverage offer at this time. During this time you are welcome to bring limited and reasonable items with you, we ask that no hot food or drinks are brought on-premises. No alcohol of any type will be permitted. Blackpool Grand withhold the right to refuse any consumption of any items if they are causing a disturbance.


Safety First – Enhanced deep cleaning regime

Blackpool Grand has developed a new enhanced deep cleaning regime during this time, more frequent and thorough cleaning will take place throughout. This includes a deep cleaning at opening and closing and a trained team for cleaning between each performance of every chair, toilets, and entrance areas.


Employee PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Our public-facing employees are all provided with quality assured PPE including visors, gloves and masks. They have always received training in ensuring your safety.


Accessibility / Young Children

For our visitors with access requirements please contact us so we can best assist you on your arrival. We understand that some of our procedures and new setup may be worrying for some, we want to make sure you have the best experience so will do the best we can to help and make the experience enjoyable for all.


Booster seats will be available in the Stalls seating area only. Our employees will handle and issue these, please request on entry to your seating area (please do not walk around the venue), if you forget no problem, simply raise your hand and raise the attention of an employee


Complimentary masks for visitors

Blackpool Grand is committed to the safety of its visitors, customers, and employees. During this time, we will be providing with our compliments disposable PPE masks for customers who arrive without a mask and need one.


Cashless venue

Blackpool Grand at the current time will operate as a ‘cashless venue’ for the safety of our visitors and employees, only card or tap contactless payments. Limited cash options may be available.


UK Government Track and Trace system

During this time we will only make a ticket booking with full contact details provided for the purposes of ‘Track & Trace’. If attending as a visitor you will be required to provide details upon entry. All details will be held securely in accordance with GDPR.


Visit our standard Terms Of Sale, Admittance Policy and all other Policies.